Liberty Counsel Fights Against Military Shot Mandates in Navy SEAL 1 Case

See the full timeline of each step taken in Liberty Counsel's fight against military shot mandates in the Navy SEAL 1 case.

Navy SEAL 1 v. Austin Case Update
Mat Staver encourages the troops with Liberty Counsel’s latest strategy as a result of Judge Merryday’s recent ruling.

Navy SEAL 1 v. Biden has been divided into three active lawsuits to focus on each respective class:
military, federal contractors and federal employees. Both federal contractors and federal employees have been granted nationwide injunctions while the military remains unprotected.




(Blaze Media Podcast) Pentagon Covering Up Mass Vaccine Injury in the Military | Guest: Mat Staver | 3/14/22


Legal Help for Religious Exemptions from Vaccinations

Resources and Research about COVID Shots

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Novavax COVID Shot Associated With Aborted Fetal Cells


U.S. Marines Continue To Fight for Freedom From Shot Mandate

Marine Hearing on Extended Relief From Discharge Over Shot Mandate

U.S. Marine Granted Emergency Relief From Discharge and Eviction

Court Grants Air Force Class Protection From Shot Mandate

U.S. Coast Guard Members Seek Class Relief From Shot Mandate

U.S. Marines Seek Class Relief from COVID Shot Mandate

Air Force Cadet Seeks Extended Relief from Shot Mandate

LC Files Brief at Appeals Court in Navy SEAL 1 Case

DOD HIV and "Transgender" Policies Underscore Religious Discrimination

The Battle for Military Class Action Continues

DOD’s Desperate Attempt To Dismiss Navy SEAL 1 Case

DOD Using Shot Mandates to Purge the Best from the Military

LC Files Brief for Air Force Cadet Hearing on Shot Mandate

Immediate Military Class Action Relief Needed

Air Force Cadet Gets Court-Ordered Relief from Shot Mandate

Court Grants Marine Captain Relief in Navy SEAL 1 Case

Navy Seal v Austin - Evidentiary Hearing Transcript (3-10-22)

Air Force Cadet Seeks Relief from Shot Mandate

OH Court Grants Air Force Members Protection from Shot Mandate

Court Grants Marine Captain Immediate Relief From Shot Mandate

DOD Loses Bid To Set Aside Injunction

Court Urged to Grant Class Certification To Protect the Military

TX Court Grants Navy Class Certification Protection from Shot Mandate

Liberty Counsel’s Military Case Differs From SCOTUS Ruling

More Service Members Seek Relief in Navy SEAL 1 Case

DOD’s Shot Mandate Violates the Law

Navy Commander in Full Command of His Ship

Dramatic Testimony in Military Shot Mandate Case
 — Hearing Transcript

Liberty Counsel Returns to Court in Military Case

Court Rips DOD in Military Case

Defense Department Seeks Stay Against LC’s Military Plaintiffs

Court Urged to Grant Military Class Action Relief

Court Orders More Documents from DOD in Navy SEAL 1 v. Biden

Emergency Relief Extended in Navy SEAL 1 v. Biden

Military Continues to Deny Religious Exemptions

Court Rules Military Discriminatorily Denying Religious Exemptions

Court Grants Service Members Emergency Relief in Navy SEAL 1 v. Biden

Court Orders DOD Response by Today in Navy SEAL 1 v. Biden

Amended Complaint Filed in Military and Federal Contractors Case

Military Denied Every Religious Exemption from Shot Mandate

DOD Continues to Threaten Military Entitled to Religious Exemption

Military Under a Microscope and Federal Employees Entitled to Religious Exemption

Military, Federal Employees and Contractors Need Immediate Relief

Court Gives DOD Extensive Homework Before Navy Seal 1 v. Biden Hearing

Liberty Counsel Challenges Biden’s Unlawful Shot Mandates

Military, Federal Employees and Civilian Contractors Sue Biden