Court Urged To Grant Class Certification To Protect the Military

Mar 30, 2022

TAMPA, FL — Liberty Counsel has filed a supplemental authority with the U.S. District Court in Tampa on behalf of members of all branches of the military in the case of Navy SEAL 1 v. Austin. This filing is in support of military service members’ pending preliminary injunction, class certification and temporary restraining order, since a Texas federal court recently granted class certification and a class-wide preliminary injunction to protect Navy personnel who have requested religious accommodations from the COVID shot mandate. 

Liberty Counsel has 24 pending requests for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction in addition to the request to grant a preliminary injunction for the entire class of service members in every branch of the military.

Liberty Counsel also filed a supplemental memorandum regarding the preliminary injunction that federal Judge Steven Merryday issued for two service members in the Navy SEAL 1 v. Austin case.  On Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court granted a partial stay that focused solely on deployment in the case of Navy SEALS 1-26 v. Austin. 

Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver said, “The abuse and pressure being placed upon these military members has continued too long, and we continue to fight for the religious freedom of the entire class from these unlawful shot mandates.” 

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