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Unlike many other organizations, when Liberty Counsel delivers your petition, we have our top staff not only deliver, but personally discuss the these issues with congressmen and influential congressional and White House staff. We schedule meetings to discuss our faxes and to explain not just what we believe, but also why we believe it and support your message with our legal expertise, understanding of complex policy, and activism to make sure your voice is heard clearly on Capitol Hill and beyond... 
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Act Now to Stop the "Equality Act" (Fax & Petition Campaigns)
Democrats are trying to demand what is known as a "Unanimous Consent" rule to bring the once-dead "Equality Act" back to life. Under a "Unanimous Consent" rule, if no one is on the Senate floor to oppose a suggested measure, that measure passes. No debate, no actual individual votes... just legislation by fiat and trickery. Act now before it is too late!

No Mandatory Vaccinations! (Fax & Petition)
The government cannot steamroll Americans' religious beliefs. The Constitution, and all the rights it enumerates, still stands - even in a time of a health emergency. Those rights include the right to be free of forced vaccinations.

STOP Mass Surveillance! (Fax & Petition)
Radical officials in cities and states across the nation are taking advantage of the COVID panic to propose and implement something that no American ever would have tolerated before – the tracking and mass surveillance of every citizen! Americans are not mere digital pawns to be counted, tracked and surveilled by government agencies intent upon control.

Demand Governors to ReOpen America (Fax Campaign)
President Trump has called on governors to Reopen America, but many are refusing, Instead extending useless and economically dangerous shutdown orders that are further crashing the US economy. Meanwhile, some congressional Democrats are trying to extend the shutdown as long as possible for political leverage against the President — to the detriment of We the People!

The Senate relief bill is now back in Speaker Nancy Pelosi's court, where she will again try to pad it with her radical agenda. At the same time, some state and local officials are issuing broad executive orders that violate the Constitution. Don't let Nancy Pelosi and rogue governors use the coronavirus to pad their agendas or steal our freedom!

Defend Pro-Life Americans and Free Speech
Liberty Counsel's legal teams are engaged in several key battles defending the rights of pro-life citizens — including critical cases in Pennsylvania, New York, California, the U.S. Supreme Court, and others. We must win these cases while we continue to fight for the rights of pro-life citizens across the nation! But we simply cannot fight without the support of friends like you. Stand with these pro-life Americans today!


Urge UPS to Honor the Religious Freedom of Its Employees
The freedom to worship on one's own free time is a God given, unalienable, constitutional RIGHT that shall not be infringed. However, on January 16 and January 20, 2020, UPS management in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, told drivers they "cannot pray anymore on company property." Since then, several drivers who regularly participated in prayer meetings have been fired for what appear to be pretextual reasons. Other drivers are afraid of speaking out in the wake of these firings.

Fund the Fight for Their Lives!
Two things make for an effective freedom fighter: Bible-based knowledge and the ability to spread the word. We’re giving our Pro-life Freedom Fighters who contribute $50 or more BOTH!

Defend the Truth! Defend Sandra Merritt!
Planned Parenthood & their cronies at the State of California are trying to punish Sandra Merritt for exposing the truth about Planned Parenthood’s Baby Parts for Sale Scheme. Very few people could afford to defend themselves from this onslaught – which is exactly why Planned Parenthood is doing it– to destroy Sandra and to silence any future whistleblowers that might consider exposing the baby butchers again.

End the Persecution of Christians in China (Fax Campaign)
We are in the process of negotiating the US-China Trade Agreement, (USCTA). Unfortunately, unlike the trade agreements America has with many other countries, religious freedom provisions have not been included in this agreement. The Trump Administration has a unique ability to rescue China’s persecuted Christians by requiring China to guarantee its citizens religious freedom as a condition of the USCTA.

Some 77 percent of Americans support legislation to give infants who survive abortion the same medical care every newborn gets when he or she enters the world. But House Democrats are blocking a compassionate pro-life bill to do just that. Send your fax now to urge vulnerable House Democrats to sign the discharge petition and bring the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act to a floor vote.
Don't Let "Silicon Censors" Steal Your Vote! (Fax Campaign)
"Big Tech" led by Google is deeply involved in manipulating American elections. Google swayed at least 2.6 million votes—maybe millions more—in 2016. And in 2020, the Silicon Censors will go all-out to hand the election to Democrats and Progressives. Today, we need to rise up to rein in the Silicon Censors and ensure that NO online manipulation determines the next election. Learn more about their devious plan and how to act now to stop it...

Defend Freedom Against the LGBT Attack! (Fax Campaign)
Legislators in Congress are now sneaking "Equality Act" piecemeal into other bills in Congress. They want to pass this assault on your freedom on the sly—buried inside other legislation. Join us in fighting these bills by sending a fax to Congress today! And your additional gift as you do will help boost everything Liberty Counsel does in Washington and in courtrooms across America to defend liberty, life and the family.

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