Pfizer's War On Women

Feb 9, 2023

Pfizer’s jab is supposed to prevent respiratory illness. So why was the multinational drug giant so interested in the reproductive organs of the people who took their shots?

The drug giant is conducting a covert war on women, according to one expert whose team has reviewed the documentation Pfizer supplied to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for approval, which the drug company wanted to keep hidden from the public for 75 years.

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Naomi Wolf says Pfizer is conducting a “war on women” and human reproduction. That sounds strange, until you see Pfizer’s own data, some of which I will share with you today.

Dr. Wolf and her team thought it odd that so much of Pfizer’s FDA documentation focused on human reproductive systems. She wondered, “Why are they looking at ovaries versus testes concentration for a drug that’s supposed to be treating a respiratory illness?”

Further research into Pfizer’s FDA documentation showed that the drug giant’s preclinical study (animal trials), performed on Wistar Han Rats, caused an abundant accumulation of lipid nanoparticles in the ovaries of the rats. This should have been a red flag.

But Pfizer proceeded to human clinical trials, regardless of the dangers their testing revealed.

Appendix 2.1 of the Pfizer documentation shows the devastation. In just the first three months of human testing, the drug giant documented more than 1.3 MILLION adverse reactions before their shot was even unleashed on the wider public. More than 77% of those shot injuries occurred in women.

“What’s so weird, creepy, and disgusting about the Pfizer documents is that their trials were about sex,” Dr. Wolf says. “Their trials were about sex and reproduction: testes, ovaries, placenta, menstruation, lactation, spontaneous abortion — they knew. They were utterly focused on reproduction and knew they were damaging it.” (emphasis added)

“This is an intervention that leads women to have every kind of horrible thing happen to their uteruses, their menstrual cycles, their fallopian tubes, their ovaries, their babies, their babies’ hearts … it is a chamber of horrors,” Dr. Wolf says. “They [Pfizer] knew it, and they kept going.”

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Not only did Pfizer “keep going” with its trials, but it also began pushing the drug on women even after becoming aware of the damage to human reproductive systems. “They told women to ‘get injected; get injected,’” Dr. Wolf says. “Get injected while you’re pregnant. Get your children injected.”

“This is a war against women,” Dr. Wolf continues. “It’s a war against women’s fertility, women’s ability to nurse, women’s ability to carry and deliver live babies. And they knew it! They ruined women.”

And they continue to LIE about it. Despite the 923,194 adverse reactions in women found in Appendix 2.1 of their clinical trials alone, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla continues to fallaciously claim, “We’ve not seen a single [safety] signal, although we have distributed billions of doses.”

Pfizer and the FDA wanted to keep this information secret for 75 years. It took a federal court to order the FDA to turn over those documents to the public in exactly 108 days from his ruling — the same number of days it took the FDA to approve Pfizer’s COVID shot.

Speaking of crazy, the Pfizer insanity gets even crazier… A satanic ritual was performed as part of the music industry’s televised Grammy Awards on Sunday evening. The performance featured the “nonbinary” artist Sam Smith dressed as Satan singing about cheating on his wife.

Meanwhile, his paramour — a male transvestite surgically altered to appear as a woman — swung from a cage suspended over a satanic ritual. Dancers dressed as fawning demons undulated in a blood-red-lit satanic circle below, as the singers performed to the aptly titled tune “Unholy.”

The song and performance celebrated men having extramarital affairs with transvestite “women” and openly celebrating Satan and his war on women and the natural family.

Immediately after the performance, a slide appeared on every TV screen announcing, This performance was brought to you by Pfizer.”

Yes, that’s right. The same pharmaceutical company that is destroying women’s ability to procreate sponsored a performance purposefully created to denigrate women and destroy the family. A war on women, indeed.

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Satan’s goal has been, and always will be, to destroy humanity. “Trans culture” does this by sterilizing children and adults. Pfizer is doing it with a shot that destroys human fertility, while sponsoring an act that seeks to sterilize our children and destroy our families.

Perhaps Pfizer is not simply conducting a war on women but is a participant in Satan’s war on God Himself, taking casualties from His most precious creation — humankind.

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