No Mandatory Vaccinations!

The government cannot steamroll Americans’ religious beliefs. The Constitution, and all the rights it enumerates, still stands – even in a time of a healt emergency. Those rights include the right to be free of forced vaccinations.

Sign the petition NOW to STOP the mandatory vaccination insanity!

Dear President Trump,

Even in a time of crisis, the rights of every American as outlined in the United States Constitution still stand, and that includes the First Amendment right to religious liberty.
The COVID crisis has recently been used by some elected officials and dubious actors to attempt to force mandatory vaccinations upon all Americans, despite our constitutional rights.

As an American citizen who loves my country, my Constitution and my right to refuse forced vaccinations, I urge you to end all consideration of mandatory vaccinations.

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A Constitutionally Committed American

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If you listened to President Trump’s recent comments on the essential nature of churches, you might recognize some of his language matching what Liberty Counsel has been discussing for months. That’s because when Liberty Counsel has a petition, we don’t simply hire a courrier to dump signed pages on a receptionist’s desk, we schedule meetings with decision makers to ensure officials thoroughly understand the intentions of Liberty Counsel supporters. And as we saw with President Trump’s declaration that churches are essential, the highest offices in the land pay attention to your signature on liberty counsel petitions!