Born Alive Act Moving in the Senate

Jan 25, 2023

Abortion clinics have been changing their tactics since Roe v. Wade was overturned. You may be as shocked as I am at the lengths these slaughterhouses go to continue murdering innocent children.

But there is good news on the horizon! Yesterday, the U.S. Senate invoked “Rule 14” on HR 26 — the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. That means the bill can be voted on at any time and not be killed in committee. 

Let’s make sure our senators vote to LET THE CHILDREN LIVE! Send your faxes now, then read on for emerging details on the abortion industry’s outrageously dangerous new funding techniques. —Mat

Many states already had abortion bans on the books when Roe was overturned last year. The moment the Supreme Court issued their decision in Dobbs v. Jackson, abortion once again became illegal or significantly restricted in some states. 

Other states enacted new laws to protect the lives of women and children. No longer able to murder innocent children in some states, the abortion mills sought new income streams to replace those they lost.

Movable altars … 

Last fall, “CHOICES” abortion clinic CEO Jennifer Pepper feared her business could collapse. The company had been performing abortions in Memphis, TN, for 50 years. The moment the Dobbs decision came down, her business became illegal, thanks to pro-life trigger laws on the books in Tennessee.

"We knew immediately that meant we would lose abortion access in Tennessee in the next 12 months, and so we began to plan," Pepper says. 

Unwilling to stop their lucrative business of killing babies, Pepper and her staff devised a devious workaround — they acquired property just across the state border in Illinois. Thanks to a 2019 law signed by Governor J.B. Pritzker, there are almost no restrictions on abortion in Illinois — including late-term abortions that kill viable children who could survive outside the womb.

The killing continues, and includes children born alive. Now that the Senate has invoked Rule 14, the Born Alive Act can be queued up for a critical vote

Once the new child-killing factory was erected in Illinois, Pepper and her CHOICES cohorts had their patients drive down the road to sacrifice their children. 

Rebecca Tong, co-executive director of the “Trust Women Clinic” of Oklahoma City, OK, found herself in a similar position. Oklahoma also had trigger laws on the books. Like the CHOICES abortion clinic in Tennessee, Tong’s business was about to become illegal as well. 

Just like CHOICES, the Trust Women clinic and the people behind it could not stand to give up their highly profitable abortion services. So, they acquired a second location just across the border in the abortion-legal state of Kansas. As with Illinois, Kansas has no shortage of existing abortion clinics. Trust Women did not want to miss out on the big bucks from killing kids, and business has never been better. 

"We're seeing patients twice as many days as we had in the past,” according to Tong, who says patient volume at the Kansas location has quadrupled.

But second locations in abortion-legal states are not enough for the death cult; they are taking their portable child sacrifice altars on the road.

Surgery in the back of a utility van … 

According to NPR (National Public Radio), abortion clinics are “experimenting with mobile health care” where abortions are performed in the back of utility vans and recreational vehicles.  

Dr. Julie Amaon, medical director for Just the Pill, says, “I think that having these mobile and pop-up clinics — whatever the next iteration is — is just a thing that we're going to do … to help expand access” (emphasis added).

Similar to food trucks, abortion trucks move from town to town, their locations kept secret, even from patients who are not informed where to meet the van until the morning of the appointment. 

The Born Alive Act passed in the House and is now moving in the Senate. It could be voted on at any time. Your faxes are critical to passing this bill.  

"This unit really truly is, for us, a demonstration of an act of defiance," says Dr. Colleen McNicholas, Planned Parenthood's chief medical officer for the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri.

The abortion death cult won’t stop …

"We have Dobbs now, but that doesn't mean that we are done," says Julie Burkhart, who owns an Illinois abortion clinic.

The abortion industry is pushing back against HR 26 — a law that, if passed, will forbid medical personnel from killing a child after the child is born. It is hard to fathom the kind of evil heart that would oppose such a measure. 

Please, for the love of the Lord and ALL His precious children, born and unborn, fax the Senate today. THIS BILL COULD COME FOR A VOTE AT ANY TIME! Demand Senators DEFY Planned Parenthood’s army of death-cult abortionists and VOTE YES on HR 26 — the Born Alive Act

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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