Last year, a sidewalk counselor rescued the bodies of 115 children from an incinerator in Washington, D.C. Five of those babies appear to have been born alive in an abortion clinic in Washington before being brutally murdered. The children were given names as these pro-life supporters fought for justice on their behalf.

Evidence has repeatedly surfaced that newborn children are being systematically murdered after botched abortions.

Shockingly, there are places in America where it is legal to kill a baby who has survived an abortion procedure, but there is a new bill that will stop this infanticide. Congress must pass the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act now!

The Born Alive Act passed in the House and has moved to the Senate. Fight for these helpless children. We must stop infanticide NOW!

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Protection, NOT Dissection!

Dear Legislator,

Across America, newborns who survive botched abortions are being intentionally killed.

The Sandra Merritt case exposed evidence that abortionists were intentionally bringing living children to birth to harvest their organs for research, according to witnesses.  

Federal laws do not provide adequate protection for these babies. Some abortion clinics are involved in the unspeakable evil of harvesting organs from babies who are born alive!

Regardless of whether their mothers wanted them or not, babies who are born alive deserve quality medical care. They deserve respect, not neglect —or worse.

I urge you to support the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. Together, we can STOP this barbaric practice. Please act to protect the most helpless of your constituents.


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