Christian Soldier Held Hostage

Aug 17, 2022

Joe Biden’s COVID shot mandate is holding hostage service members who refuse the jab for religious reasons. One of our clients has been held in Korea for over 20 months—all because he filed a religious accommodation request, which is his right under the law.

The U.S. Army, like other military branches, is leaving service members like our client in foreign countries separated from their families as punishment for not taking the jabs. The situation is horrible.

Meanwhile, two key pieces of new evidence show the Biden administration has been lying to our military service members and the world. Read on to find out more. — Mat

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Sheldon* is a U.S. Army soldier stationed in Korea. He was supposed to end his tour and return to his wife and infant daughter in December 2021.

But because Sheldon is a Christian who refuses to take the COVID shots, the Army is refusing to end his deployment. Instead, Sheldon has been held hostage in Korea for 20 months!

Sheldon fully expected that the Army he loved would honor the law. In September of 2021, he filed a request for religious accommodation (RAR). Sheldon was looking forward to returning home to his wife and infant child, whom he’s never held because the baby was born while he was deployed.

But like other members of the Army, Sheldon has been held hostage. The Army will not finish processing the RARs. Instead, the Army is effectively holding hostage every military member who files an RAR, whether the member is in the states or in a foreign country. The Army hopes the pressure of being separated from family with their careers frozen will force soldiers to bow their knees to Joe Biden.

Don’t let Biden drive Christians out of the military!

“I’m being held hostage here, separated from my family, including my 9-month-old daughter who barely knows me because of my pending exemption request,” Sheldon wrote Liberty Counsel in April (emphasis added). “I’ve already missed so much precious time with her.”

Sheldon’s daughter has since celebrated her first birthday. But Sheldon is still stuck 7,000 miles from home because he refuses to reject his faith and take Joe Biden’s abortion linked COVID drugs. Even though his tour of duty was up last year, the Army won’t let him leave Korea. The emotional impact of the separation, as well as the constant pressure to take the jab, is hard on Sheldon and his family.

“My wife’s mental health is deteriorating, and I am struggling to cope with this situation,” wrote Sheldon, repeating the sentiments we hear from so many service members.

“My wife deserves to have me home, and my daughter deserves her father,” wrote Sheldon in his plea for help. “My command says their hands are tied, despite me telling them my wife has mentioned harming herself from all of the stress this has caused us.”


“I need to get home to my family,” he writes. “The stress of not being there for them for so long, and not getting to be with my daughter during her first year, is almost unbearable. The religious discrimination and hardship this has placed on my family is unreal.

Sheldon ended his desperate plea with these words: “Please, anything you could do to help would be greatly appreciated. God bless.”

But it gets worse … Sheldon and his fellow religious-exemption-requesting colleagues are being discriminated against over a LIE.

  1. The CDC changed its COVID guidelines, erasing quarantine, segregation, daily testing and more. The CDC now admits there should be no different rules for the unvaccinated.

  2. A whistleblower report submitted to members of Congress and written by high-ranking officers from several military branches shows that Biden’s DOD has been breaking the law and COVERING UP the fact that they were forcing EUA shots, which cannot be forced on anyone!

I will have more to share on this subject soon.

We have won several injunctions protecting our clients as we continue to move forward with class certification for every branch of the military.

So far, service members of the Navy, Air Force and Space Force are protected by a classwide injunction. The Marines should receive their injunction next, followed by protection for the Coast Guard and the Army.

Sheldon and his fellow armed forces members need your help. Liberty Counsel represents every branch of the military in our landmark class action lawsuit. We just beat one of the nation’s largest health care providers, forcing them to pay more than 10.3 million dollars over its unlawful shot mandate, and we intend to beat Biden’s unlawful mandate as well!

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. Want to do more? Fax state and federal legislators to demand they STOP THE SHOT MANDATES! And sign the petition.

*Name changed for privacy.


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