The Brave Soldier Sobbed Uncontrollably

Jun 20, 2022

A service member recently contacted us for help. One of our staff reported: “When I first identified myself, he exclaimed, ‘Are you serious! I can’t believe it!’ As I started to talk, he interrupted me and then started to weep. For the next few minutes, he literally cried and tried to explain the emotional distress and humiliation that he and others are experiencing.”

I want to shout from a mountaintop for America to wake up: “See what this administration is doing to our honorable military members! This must stop!” I will share more of this story below and discuss our next steps. — Mat

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Several dozen service members were recently transported to a central military location. All sought religious or medical accommodation requests from Joe Biden’s COVID jab mandate. Each request had been denied and was under appeal.

A heavy brass contingent gave speeches laced with threats to the service members about their benefits and livelihoods. Then, the members were informed they could stand and ask questions if they so chose. I do not think the brass expected what happened next.

At first, no one wanted to stand. The officers represented some of the highest-ranking members in their chain of command. It seemed they were poised to reprimand and remove the service men and women from the military.

But then a female soldier, small in stature, gathered her courage and rose to speak. Visibly trembling, with tears in her eyes and her quiet voice breaking with emotion, she asked why only unvaccinated soldiers are forced to undergo daily invasive nasal COVID testing, when it is widely known and clinically proven that fully vaccinated persons also can spread the virus.

The brass roundly mocked her, but this woman’s courage raised fresh resolve among her colleagues.

Another young female soldier stood and asked why perpetrators of rape, sexual abuse and harassment are allowed to keep their jobs, but those who refuse the jab over religious objections are being kicked out of the military.

The brass denigrated the women, further attempting to cow them into submission. But emboldened by the women, male soldiers then also began to question their chain of command’s unlawful actions.

One man pointed out that a family member had dropped dead of a brain aneurysm after taking the shots—a known side effect, widely reported in VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) and medical studies. Why, he asked, is the military demanding soldiers play Russian roulette with their lives?

More soldiers found their courage, with many standing more than once to ask additional questions. The chain of command had clearly failed in their mission to badger these soldiers into taking Biden’s unlawful jab. Instead, the courage of one quiet, trembling woman had unleashed a flood of resolve among her peers.

Finally, another male soldier stood to ask why the military was forcing soldiers to take an experimental drug that has not been fully licensed and approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

The sad fact is that if you are HIV-positive or a so-called “transgender” taking hormones and mutilating your healthy body parts, the Biden administration welcomes your military service.

But if you have a medical or religion-based objection to a COVID shot that is neither safe nor effective, you are not welcome. THIS ANGERS ME AND WE WILL DEFEND THESE DEFENDERS OF FREEDOM.

In June, pictures of a Comirnaty-labeled vial surfaced on a few military bases. Oddly enough, the pictures from separate locations are the same. But Pfizer recently advised the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) that it does not plan to produce Comirnaty. There are only two options to explain these photos:

  1. The vials are real (despite Pfizer saying it will not produce Comirnaty), proving that prior to June 2022 the military had no FDA-approved shot. All shot mandate orders were, therefore, illegal because an Emergency Use COVID injection meant every service member had the right to accept or refuse the shot or ...

  2. The vials are fake, in which case both before and now in June the orders are illegal, and someone is committing fraud.

Under either option, the Department of Defense (DOD) is not in a good position.

The Biden DOD has been LYING to our service members and abusing them ... and Liberty Counsel will not tolerate this tyranny.

As you know, Liberty Counsel is defending members of the military in a massive class action lawsuit against Biden’s unlawful mandate designed to purge faithful religious adherents from serving God and country.

In the next couple of weeks, there will be a flurry of activity in our military case through which we are seeking protection for service members in every branch.

The direct attack on Liberty Counsel ...

Meanwhile, it has become necessary to institute additional security measures. I cannot discuss the details. We now have a heavy police presence and armed private security. Please pray for our staff and our safety as we continue to fight for freedom, the right to life and other God-given liberties.

We need YOUR help to defend our defenders. Our Challenge Grant will DOUBLE the IMPACT of your donation.

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. Want to do more to help? FAX STATE AND FEDERAL LEGISLATORS NOW! Tell them NO SHOT MANDATES or VACCINE PASSPORTS! You may also sign the petition.


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