Remember the New York Hospital Ship?

Mar 23, 2022

Regina* was one of the military nurses assigned to the U.S. Naval Ship Comfort. Unvaccinated, she treated COVID patients throughout the pandemic. Read on to learn what this honorable Navy nurse with 28 years of service now faces, and what Liberty Counsel is doing about it. — Mat

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The Biden Department of Defense (DOD) has been busy this week trying to kick Christian service members out of the military before the court issues relief for the entire class of military service members.

Over the past several days, large batches of new legal help request forms have come into our offices from military members who all received nearly the same letter dated March 13 from their various commands. I want to share some details about one of our new clients with you today.

Regina has served in the Navy for 28 years, the last eight as a nurse corps officer. During the height of the pandemic, she served aboard the Naval Ship Comfort, deployed to treat the overflow COVID patients New York hospitals could not manage.

Despite being unvaccinated, Regina remained strong and healthy throughout her deployment and was able to give her patients care without becoming ill. “I have continued to serve and care for COVID patients without missing a day of work due to illness,” Regina wrote, proving the Navy’s COVID mediation protocols worked despite her lack of a COVID vaccination.

Regina has a rare genetic disorder called “cutis laxa” that causes the connective tissue in her skin and organs to become loose and stretchy—a serious problem if it attacks the heart, lungs, intestines or other major organs. She’s had this condition for years, but it never affected her service.

“I have done everything I can to prepare my body naturally to fight it should I come in contact with this awful illness,” Regina wrote of COVID. But preparing her body naturally also includes not taking any drug that could exacerbate her condition.

Per the FDA approval documents for the Pfizer COVID jabs, the shots are known to cause and/or exacerbate connective tissue disorders. Regina will not take the risk of further damaging her body with these untested shots. Neither will she risk her soul, as she has a religious objection to taking any drug derived using aborted fetal cells.

Regina submitted her medical and religious exemptions months ago. Both have been denied.

As a nurse, Regina puts her medical knowledge to use every day to keep her immune system strong, keeping the cutis laxa at bay. It never stopped her from serving her country over the past 28 years, and she had no intention of letting it do so now. That same level of self-care has also kept Regina from getting COVID, despite treating COVID patients for the last two years.

But Joe Biden’s DOD anti-Christian bureaucrats are determined to rid the military of religious objectors who won’t take the shots. And Regina’s 28 years of service are about to end—unless we can stop the DOD with our filing this week for an emergency order.

Liberty Counsel is defending nearly a thousand service members like Regina in our class action lawsuit against the Biden administration. We need YOUR help to defend religious liberty for all … especially the men and women of the military who have fought so long for our freedom.

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Mathew D. Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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