WHO Wants to Track You in America

Mar 11, 2022

The World Health Organization (WHO) has long been working on a global COVID passport. Shockingly, dozens of U.S. states are participating! Read on to learn what the WHO wants America to deploy, and what you and I can do to stop it. — Mat

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The World Health Organization has developed guidance and even technical specifications for member states to adopt “interoperable standards” for COVID-19 Vaccine Passports. Labeled “interim guidance,” the WHO’s latest release pushes new digital Vaccine Passports to be used on a global scale.

Alarmingly, the WHO website openly admits these personalized digital documents could “eventually be extended to capture vaccination status to protect against other diseases” and may “be used for continuity of care or as proof of vaccination for purposes other than health care.”

Under “possible uses,” the WHO recommends these COVID passports for work, university education and international travel, among other things.

STOP THE VACCINE PASSPORTS! Sign our petition and send a fax now!

WHO’s recommendation for COVID passport use in international travel is revealing, considering the International Health Regulations Emergency Committee on COVID-19 determined as far back as July 2021 that “countries should not require proof of COVID-19 vaccination as a condition for international travel,” a fact the WHO mentions in a brief footnote.

Further, the Biden administration has refused to comment on the status of the digital health passport program the White House announced on March 2, 2021. However, “SMART health cards” have already been deployed in dozens of states across the country.

Vaccine Credential Initiative (VCI), the group behind the SMART health cards, intends to fully participate with the WHO program. WHO officials did not give a release date, only commenting that news would be released “soon.”

Already, 22 states have adopted the SMART health cards, including red-leaning states like Louisiana and Mississippi.

Even South Carolina, whose governor signed legislation barring state entities from developing or issuing Vaccine Passports, will be issuing SMART health cards by the end of the month, according to the state’s immunization director, Steven White.

In Israel, until March 1, proof of vaccination has been required to enter grocery stores, restaurants, bars and “cultural spaces,” including the revered Western Wall. Life became very uncomfortable for unvaccinated Israelis, who were often quarantined without symptoms, and even forbidden from taking their own garbage to the curb during routine quarantine when entering the country.

In Ontario, Canada, shoppers must show their Vaccine Passport or proof of vaccination in order to access everyday goods in a big-box store. Shoppers who flash a passport are allowed to shop at will. Unvaccinated shoppers, however, must be escorted by a store employee and are not allowed to buy anything other than “essential items” as determined by the government.

China added COVID to its digital “social credit” passport, which includes even the most personal information like political party affiliation, amount of debt and shopping preferences. The red, yellow and green lights on the phone app dictate whether a person can enter shops or even leave their own home.

No one should be forced to take a minimally tested, highly dangerous, abortion-linked drug just to enjoy everyday freedom like grocery shopping or attending church. But that is exactly what tyrants in Washington, many states and globalists are pushing.

We cannot allow these Vaccine Passports to gain more ground! Please join me in demanding state and federal legislators STOP THE VACCINE PASSPORTS! Sign our petition and send a fax now!

Yesterday, I was in federal court defending our men and women of the military against Joe Biden’s unlawful shot mandates. I will update you on our landmark case Navy SEAL 1 v. Austin and what transpired in court as soon as I am able. Please remain in prayer for a good result!

Our plates are still full helping tens of thousands of people facing unlawful shot mandates. This includes people facing loss of their jobs, discharge from the military and denial of medical treatment (including organ transplants).

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel


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