This School Crossed the Line

Jul 22, 2021

Liberty Counsel is defending students attending a Louisiana medical school who are being forced to take COVID shots or end their careers. The medical school has denied their requests for religious exemptions. The harassment and coercion by this school is shocking.

Read on to learn about our latest high-stakes case. -- Mat

Liberty Counsel sent a demand letter after three graduate students who attend Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) in Louisiana were denied religious accommodations from the COVID shots.

This school has a unique private-public partnership with the state of Louisiana. We therefore also contacted the state's attorney general, who has now joined us against the school. This is part of the AG's demand letter:

I write to advise that mandating the COVID-19 Vaccine violates Louisiana and federal law and may jeopardize your "collaborative" relationship with the State of Louisiana. I will pursue any legal means available to ensure that the rights of Louisiana residents attending VCOM are protected from both overt and covert coercion, harassment, and retaliation by VCOM for asserting their legal rights.

These students have worked hard to reach this point in their educational journey, only to have their efforts ripped away by a tyrannical (and, frankly, insane) insistence that they take a drug that is under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and requires the informed consent of those who take it.

Again I quote from Attorney General Jeff Landry's letter because it echoes what we have been saying for some time:

[R]ecently reported data revealed a much higher incidence of myocarditis in young adults after the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines were administered, particularly young adult males. This caused the CDC to quickly order Pfizer and Moderna to change their Fact Sheets, disclosing this serious condition. A "Fact Sheet" is intended to facilitate informed consent (i.e., informed decision making). A vaccine mandate, imposed on students with a futile or meaningless process for opting out, is entirely inconsistent with informed decision-making. As VCOM's student body is primarily young adults and its primarily educational mission is medical education, it is baffling that it would be issuing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate and taking coercive and retaliatory action against dissenters, even while the facts show both short- and long-term effects may be serious and even deadly for some people.

Our case rests not only on religious freedom concerns, but also on the data.

Religious Grounds

All three students have sincerely held religious beliefs that their bodies are the temple of God (1 Cor. 6:19-20). They do not want to harm their bodies by injecting an experimental, and potentially dangerous, drug. One student also objects because she is pro-life. All three COVID shots (Pfizer, Moderna and J&J) use aborted fetal cell lines in the testing phase, and J&J includes aborted fetal cell lines in the deployment phase.

The school flatly denied their requests for religious exemption. Then the school created a "snitch" program targeting the students. The students have since received threatening emails and have been told they could be suspended and recommended for dismissal if they continue their studies without taking the shots.

We are inundated by requests for help from students and employees who are being forced to take the COVID shots. Help us defend freedom.

Safety and Efficacy

In the 30-plus years since VAERS was launched in 1990, reported deaths from all vaccines combined is 5,039.

But in the seven months since mid-December 2020, VAERS reports that the deaths from the COVID shots alone are at a staggering 10,991. That number is growing each week by leaps and bounds.

Although some media may say the shots are effective, or that getting the Delta variant is less lethal if you've had the shots, the data says different.

Israel's Ministry of Health reported 64.5% of people hospitalized with COVID or a variant have been "fully immunized," and of the "serious ill," 67% had been "fully immunized." The U.K. is reporting similar numbers.

The implementation of the COVID jabs is the most disastrous EUA drug rollout in history. No one should be forced to take a shot against their will. Help us defend freedom.

This fight is not just for them--it's for all Americans.

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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