Shocking Revelation About the DOJ

Jul 21, 2021

In the contested 2000 election, Democrat operatives within the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) actively worked against the people, conspiring with Al Gore to swing the election results.

Liberty Counsel helped litigate against and defeat that evil 21 years ago. But a new piece of legislation is poised to once again pit the DOJ against "We the People." Read on to learn how Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are attempting to cement their party's power over America permanently.

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Back in the year 2000, we had a disputed election. As you may recall, Liberty Counsel was heavily involved in the litigation regarding the presidential contest in Florida.

But what you might not have known (which I did not until this year) is that while we at Liberty Counsel were litigating for election integrity, longtime Democratic operatives within the DOJ were openly and directly collaborating with the Al Gore campaign!

According to DOJ whistleblowers who have now come forward, the corruption in the DOJ continues to this day.

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I was shocked when I personally observed voting section [DOJ] staff discussing strategies, faxing and receiving information from DNC [Democratic National Committee] operatives in Florida," said Maureen Riordan, a career attorney who spent years with the DOJ.

Riordan went on to detail how Democratic operatives within the DOJ regularly, almost as a matter of policy, commit grievous conflicts of interest on behalf of Democrat candidates.

"The voting section has a long record of abuse by its attorneys for improper collaboration," she said.

In fact, the corruption within the DOJ is so bad that it has been sanctioned by the courts on multiple occasions. Riordan noted that "between 1992 and 2000, the voting section has been sanctioned over 2 million dollars!"

Riordan gave one example, Johnson v. Miller, where the court found "collusive misconduct by DOJ attorneys with the ACLU." The court found the relationship between the DOJ and ACLU "disturbing" with "peers working together against the jurisdiction that made the submission."

Just as in Bush v. Gore, the DOJ did not seek justice, they sought to impose their will on the people.

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And now Joe Biden, with a gaggle of election-engineering Democrats, wants to make that imposition of his will through the DOJ permanent by passing the JL Act. This will put Biden's corrupt DOJ in charge of every election.

And just in case the media or Kamala Harris might have you wondering if the DOJ could prevent racism in elections, consider Riordan's next bombshell revelation ...

"I have also witnessed twisted racialism ... [in the DOJ that] includes the abuse of an African-American paralegal deemed 'not black enough' by voting staff."

In other words, these voting rights issues have nothing to do with race, and everything to do with Democrat control.

If the JL Act passes, Joe Biden's DOJ will have ultimate authority over every minute detail of every state and local election. Voter ID laws will be scrapped. Ballot authentication measures will be replaced with fraud-ridden, mass-mailed ballots, drop boxes and ballot harvesting.

And considering the Biden DOJ tried to stop every 2020 election investigation and recount, and opposes every true election reform law, you can bet that should the JL Act pass, we will never be allowed to authenticate any election again ... we'll just have to take the Democrats' word on who won!

In this moment, we hold in our hands the opportunity to stop fraud from becoming a permanent part of our elections. We cannot squander this chance to save America's future. Fax Congress now.

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