Block Election Fraud!

Democrats in D.C. are continuing to push bills that will create a federal takeover of state election laws and policies, including every minutia of elections. The pending bills will prevent states from enacting election reforms, and even recounts.

The bill called, "For the People Act," began in the U.S. House with the bill number HR 1. In the Senate, the bill number is S 1, and most recently with some modifications, it became S 2093. When Democrats failed to garner 60-votes to override the filibuster, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) presented a "compromise," but this so-called "compromise" is even worse than the "For the People Act."
Manchin's proposals come from the failed "John Lewis Voting Rights Act," which requires nationwide preclearance. This bill would place enormous power in the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) by requiring that the DOJ pre-approve every detail of a state or county election law, policy or action. For example, if a polling station was in Room A of a public community center, but that room was not suitable for use at the time of the election, preclearance would require the DOJ pre-approve the move of the voting booths across the hall to Room B!
No matter the name or the number of these bills, they have one purpose - to permanently institutionalize one controlling party in power. Take a few seconds to sign the petition below to be delivered to key U.S. legislators to demand they STOP THE ELECTION FRAUD BILLS! 

Dear (Legislator),

I am contacting you because of deep concern over the damaging proposals in the "John Lewis Voting Rights Act" (JL Act) and the destruction it will do to the integrity of the election process in America. My concerns include the following:

1) It will place the control of every aspect of our election under the whims of the biased and radical Department of Justice through "preclearance" of all changes to the election process. This federal bureaucrat approval is required even for changes that only affect one or two people!

2) It will automatically register people to vote based on government and private records. This includes kids, illegal aliens, and felons before they pay their debt to society. It also registers individuals who do not wish to vote. This creates a much larger list of low-interest registrants which provides a greater opportunity to steal ballots and fraudulently vote.

3) It tracks and makes public every single donation dollar. This will have a chilling impact on people who want to donate but are too scared, especially after anti-Trump groups created an interactive map that pinpointed the full name and address of even small donors to Trump’s campaign. This provides the opportunity for harassment, voter intimidation, and even violence against these donors which suppresses financial support.

4) It controls every precinct boundary by computer algorithms which can be easily programed to favor one party and place them in control in all but the most extreme voting areas. This reduces protection for fair and honest boundaries and places those voters under the control of whatever party is preferred by those writing the computer code.

America needs our leaders to stand up and demand honest and accurate elections of verified votes for our nation’s future to be secure. I urge you to vote against any and every effort to manipulate our elections through the JL Act, HR 1 and all other attempts.


(Your Name)


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