Block Election Fraud!

Democrats in Washington, D.C., have launched a series of shocking bills that would legalize massive election fraud. The bills include HR 1, HR 4, HR 5746 and S 2747, which is ironically named the "Freedom to Vote Act," but it would be better labeled the "Freedom to Cheat Act." These bills will dilute your vote, encourage fraud, increase mail-in ballots that will open the door to ballot harvesting and ban voter ID requirements.
The push to legalize election fraud has intensified. We MUST stop the election fraud bills NOW, before they are used to permanently change our country beyond recognition.
Make your voice heard loud and clear in the Senate (below). Tell senators to STOP SO-CALLED ELECTION REFORM!

Dear (Legislator),

I am deeply concerned over the damaging proposals in HR 1, HR 4, HR 5746, S 2747 and any related bills. Any effort to destroy or downgrade the filibuster option in order to pass these bills would be a serious mistake. The impact of these bills would devastate election integrity in all 50 states and legalize massive election fraud. My concerns include the following elements of these bills. They ...

1. Seize authority from the states and place the federal government in control.

2. Ban or significantly restrict voter ID requirements.

3. Punish anyone who questions the validity of a voter.

4. Prevent poll watchers from cooperating with election officials to identify and challenge fraudulent voter registrations.

5. Automatically register all individuals (as opposed to “citizens”) and require people to “opt out” in order to not be registered!

6. Register convicted felons who have not yet paid their debt to society.

7. Greatly increase mail-in ballots that will open the door to massive fraud and ballot harvesting.

8. Create a situation in which, with same-day registration, no ID and no ability to verify a voter, a person could go precinct to precinct voting multiple times under different names.

9. And much more.

America needs our leaders to stand up and demand honest and accurate elections with verified votes for our nation's future to be secure. I urge you to vote against any bill that makes election fraud easier to accomplish in America, as all the Democrat bills do.


(Your Name)


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