This Is What They Want to Hide

Jul 19, 2021

Congressional Democrats are working furiously to slam the John Lewis Voting Rights Act (JL Act) into law before YOU learn the results of the Arizona and Georgia audits.

If they succeed in passing the JL Act, America will never again have a free and fair election. Joe Biden's Department of Justice (DOJ) will have total control of every minute detail of every election.

Hearings are being held in both the House and the Senate to push the JL Act, and Joe Biden is spewing inflammatory rhetoric. Riots are also being planned for this summer to increase pressure to pass this bill.

Fax the HOUSE and SENATE to demand they block the JL Act. -- Mat

Failing to get 60 votes to pass HR 1/S 1, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) said he would support the JL Act. The pressure to pass this bill is intense.

The JL Act is WORSE than HR 1/S 1 because it would give Biden's DOJ TOTAL CONTROL over every detail of every election.

The JL Act would empower the DOJ to stop every audit or recount (unless, of course, it favors the career ACLU-supporting attorneys). In Fulton County, Georgia, there is now credible evidence that duplicate votes were counted.

Double voting may well have caused about 83% of the vote gap between Trump and Biden in Georgia. In Georgia alone, there were 9,899 double voters in 2018. Two years prior, there was a similar number of 9,619 double voters. Keep in mind, in 2020, the difference between Biden and Trump in Georgia was only 11,779 votes.

Double voting is in addition to fraud from nursing home ballot trafficking, mail-in vote fraud, voting by dead people, underage kids or out-of-state registrants, or students voting after they graduated and moved away.

Georgia recently passed a law tightening the state's standards. So has Florida, and many other states. If the JL Act passes, the Biden DOJ will have supreme power to veto every law, recount or audit!

The JL Act will have an immediate (and permanent) impact on our nation. Click here or the button below to send faxes to members of both the HOUSE and SENATE.

Don't think that Georgia is the only state with this problem. In Michigan, there were 7,140 duplicate voters in 2016 and another 6,457 in 2018. North Carolina also has the same problem. In 2016, there were 9,734 duplicate voters. In 2018, it was 7,026. If that number held steady in 2020, this one type of fraud would have erased 10% of the margin Trump won by in North Carolina.

But under the JL Act, we would never know about the fraud, because Biden's DOJ would have the final word. Biden's DOJ has tried to shut down every election audit in the country. Biden is now doubling the size of the DOJ Voting Rights Division to sue states to stop election reform and audits.

Under a Biden DOJ, we would never have discovered that Arizona had 74,243 mail-in ballots that were counted with NO RECORD they were ever mailed out!

Another 11,326 people voted in Arizona who were not on the voter rolls November 3 (the day of the election), nor on the rolls November 7. But these "voters" mysteriously appeared on the rolls December 4.

The Biden DOJ has a lot to hide. The JL Act would give it the power to veto every state election reform, recount or audit.

This is why Democrats are pushing for the JL Act--to make it easier to hide election fraud.

In fact, Biden called these election bills his party's "trophy legislation." In addition, former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder is pressing to get rid of anything that stands in the way of this bill. "Do you care more about the filibuster or democracy protection?" Holder demanded.

Holder, as you may recall, refused to prosecute militant members of the Black Panthers who wielded billy clubs outside Philadelphia polls to intimidate voters to vote for Obama.

Biden and the Democrats care NOTHING for law, order OR free and fair elections. These Democrats only care about CONTROL.

Mark my words: This bill will be disastrous for our nation! In this moment, we hold in our hands the opportunity to stop fraud from becoming a permanent part of our elections. Click to send your critical fax directly to key legislators.

The JL Act would empower the Biden DOJ to do everything in HR 1/S 1 and more, including moves to ban voter ID, permit ballot harvesting, automatically register everyone, allow illegals to vote, increase votes in blue precincts and decrease votes in red or purple precincts, redraw districts to favor Democrats, prevent states from cleaning up voter rolls, stop recounts or audits or demand them depending on which candidate the career DOJ employees favor, and much more.

Send your urgent faxes to both the House and Senate to vote against the JL Act to stop fraud from becoming permanent.

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Join me in prayer that righteousness and justice roll across our nation.

Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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Then send faxes to the House and Senate to stop the JL Act. And sign our petition against this bill.


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