DOJ Whistleblowers Speak Out on Election Fraud

Jul 16, 2021

Democrats are trying to ramrod the "John Lewis Voting Rights Act" (JL Act) through before the election audits are completed in Arizona. The Democrat Arizona secretary of state is pleading with her congressional colleagues to pass a federal law to stop state election reform and audits.

State House Democrats fled Texas in a desperate effort to derail election reform. Joe Biden lobbed inflammatory bombs in his Pennsylvania speech, saying state election reform efforts are a greater threat than the Civil War.

Several hearings have already been conducted in Congress, and more are planned for next week. The linchpin of their entire agenda is the JL Act.

The JL Act nationwide "preclearance" will give Biden's Department of Justice (DOJ) unprecedented power to impose worse election fraud than HR 1 (S 1/ S 2093). And this power will include a veto over state laws--including laws restricting abortion or even annexation!

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Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) said he supports the JL Act with its nationwide "preclearance" provision that gives the DOJ total control over any "changes" to all elections.

Preclearance has been sparingly used to remedy past voting rights violations. In 2013, the Supreme Court ruled that the Voting Rights Act of 1965 can no longer justify preclearance without specific proof of voter suppression. The JL Act would supersede this law and permanently impose preclearance nationwide.

Two brave whistleblowers who worked in the DOJ exposed the levels of corruption they saw under preclearance. Maureen Riordan said, "Every change that you could possibly imagine has to be submitted" to the DOJ.

This includes minutiae, said expert Russ Nobile. The DOJ must approve the number and location of polling machines, who will be hired, how the registrar's offices will administrate the election and even voter qualifications!

"To show you the scope of the power," a second whistleblower, J. Christian Adams, said even town "annexations must be precleared because they add voters to the election pool." "So if you are going to annex a part into a town, you have to have the federal government [DOJ] approve it." The DOJ actually "objected to an annexation of [one property] because it was adding two white voters."

The JL Act will give complete control over our elections to the Biden DOJ. Members of the House and Senate must hear from you to demand the JL Act be blocked.

"This bill gives complete control to bureaucrats in the civil rights division," Riordan said. "After spending 20 years working with these people [at the DOJ], I can tell you that they have a complete symbiotic relationship with every left-wing advocacy group that is in the United States. And they work hand in hand with these groups and really almost have no autonomy without those groups."

She said the DOJ was working closely with the Southern Poverty Law Center, the American Civil Liberties Union, the NAACP and even La Raza. Her boss would tell her that one of these groups had an interest in a case and she was to send them the whole file even though they never officially requested it. Riordan also testified yesterday before the House Judiciary Committee.

The La Raza organization believes "once enough immigrants, legal or illegal, enter to claim a majority ... the current borders of the United States will simply be extinguished. ... The final plan for the La Raza movement includes the ethnic cleansing of Americans of European, African, and Asian descent out of 'Aztlan,'" across eight states, including California, Texas and even up to parts of Washington state, according to Human Events.

The JL Act would give groups like La Raza control of our elections through the DOJ!

Even if you have faxed before, send another flight now. We must keep continuous pressure against these election fraud bills. Members of the House and Senate must know that We the American people WILL NOT allow America to go up in flames.

Demand that members of the House and Senate vote against ALL efforts to turn our elections over to radical groups!

This idea of preclearance can affect SO much more than our elections. More than two years ago, Kamala Harris suggested using preclearance to control every state that restricts abortion.

Politico reported that she wants "states that have demonstrated a pattern of abridging abortion rights to seek preclearance from the Justice Department before enacting any new laws affecting access to abortion."

This idea of "preclearance" moves us from a nation of laws into a dictatorship. We cannot allow America to be destroyed on our watch. Click here or the button below to send your fax to members of the House and Senate.

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Mat Staver

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