“Stand Up And Advocate for People”

Jul 14, 2021

Danee was a healthy and active millennial who worked in the medical field. But seven months after receiving the COVID jab, her body is failing and her suffering is intense. Her doctors don't know how to treat her. Yet the insane push to get the COVID jab is intensifying.

Barely able to speak as she shares her story, Danee pleads: "Stand up and advocate for people."

Take a moment to defend medical freedom. Fax state and federal legislators to DEMAND MEDICAL FREEDOM! Then read on for Danee's story. - Mat

Danee is a millennial respiratory therapist who was, frankly, scared to death of getting COVID or spreading it to her patients. When the shot became available, Danee immediately signed up to "do her part."

Immediately after receiving her first dose of the Pfizer jab Dec. 18, and the second one Jan. 10, Danee experienced severe flu-like symptoms. Her menstrual cycle stopped in December and has not returned. She had to stop work and has had headaches every day, all day. She began vomiting and had severe gastrointestinal distress.

By February, the lymph nodes in Danny's armpits were painfully swollen. By March, her entire body was experiencing major inflammation, causing problems with her organs.

In May, she started having trouble speaking. She now has pronounced difficulty speaking and it's getting worse. Now her visual cues between her eyes and brain don't sync up. Days go by when she cannot walk correctly. Tremors wrack her body at odd hours.

By April, she began visiting the ER for headaches, saying her head felt like it was "cracking." She choked up when she said, "If you guys can understand the pain ... " She could not finish. This is "killing me," she said.

Seven months later, and no one really knows how to end Danee's illness and pain. "I'm a human guinea pig," she says.

NO MORE DANEES! Demand medical freedom by sending a fax now to state and federal legislators. Tell them NO MANDATORY VACCINE PASSPORTS!

As a health care worker, she says her colleagues are "not charting people" who present with adverse reactions to the COVID shots.

Anita and I wept as we watched a video of Danee sobbing and pleading for help. "When you feel things are not right," she said, "speak up about it." Indeed, we will tell her story!

Vaccine injuries are being underreported ...

J.G. (name withheld for privacy) works at a medical call center in Oregon. The 200 agents in his call center are each receiving multiple calls a day from people who report serious COVID shot reactions.

J.G. writes: "The most common complaint I hear is extreme pain, numbness and tingling in one or both arms and/or legs. Other common complaints have been bladder infections that don't respond to antibiotics, swollen testicles, mental haze, lack of emotion, intense headaches, ringing in the ears, strokes, extremely heavy menstrual cycles, tremors and shakes, diminished fine motor skills, bleeding from the penis and all-over unexplained body pain."

J.G. and his co-workers say the calls have been increasing in frequency and intensity of complaint over the past two months. Yet, "questioning the vaccine is frowned upon" at his medical center.

STOP the insanity! Demand medical freedom by sending a fax now to state and federal legislators

The pressure on unvaccinated Americans is ratcheting up ...

"Life needs to be hard" for unvaccinated Americans," said CNN medical contributor Dr. Leana Wen before rattling off a list of ways to make life difficult for those who have not received the shots. She demands they ought to be tested twice a week. Dr. Wen once served as president of Planned Parenthood, insisting people have the right to kill their children.

Joe Biden is training "Community Health Ambassadors" to go door-to-door to urge people to get these shots. We have the official PowerPoint and a video of the training, along with their handouts.

And Dr. Anthony Fauci now wants the shots to be fully approved so they can be "mandated."

Meanwhile, Danee is "scared" and does not know what her future holds. She says, while it may be "too late for me," she wants to warn others to do research and be forewarned about what she and many like her are experiencing.

Danee won't be silent about what is happening to her and other COVID shot victims. "I have a right to talk about this because it's killing me," she says. "The sad thing is, we as health care workers signed up to help." But no one is helping them now that the COVID jabs have ruined their lives!

Please pray for Danee and other COVID shot victims. Pray that our Heavenly Father lays His healing hands upon them and mends every wound.

Please also speak up. Even if you received the shot and suffered no adverse reactions, you must speak up for others. We must stop the insane push for mandatory COVID shots and vaccine passports.

STOP the insanity! Fax state and federal lawmakers. 

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"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds" (Ps. 147:3).


Mat Staver

Liberty Counsel

Founder and Chairman

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