This Is How You Stop Their Scheme

Jun 14, 2021

One governor took a major step to protect freedom—and stop Vaccine Passports. Momentum is building, but we need more freedom firewalls. Read on to learn what we must now do to ensure that EVERY American’s freedom of movement and right to travel is protected. Read on. — Mat


Tech-entrepreneur-turned-international-mogul Bill Gates has been dreaming for years about a mandatory digital Vaccine or Health Passport that would capture private medical data, location, movement, contacts and more. As early as 2015, Gates was giving TED Talks, promoting the ultimate Big Tech data collection scheme—“health passports.”

The opportunity for such a major data capture came with COVID. Gates and his supporters began pushing in earnest for an app that would collect, trace and track millions of people. The massive volumes of data would exceed even the most robust social media data-collection schemes.

These so-called health passports can track the vital signs and minute-by-minute movements of every user. Every contact in the user’s phone is registered and the identities of everyone with whom the user came in contact, as well as exactly where and when those contacts took place.

But after we began sending faxes and petitions to governors, one governor led the nation and yanked the rug out from under the Vaccine Passport tyrants. ...

The opportunities to abuse Vaccine Passports are disturbingly endless—which is exactly why Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took bold action ... that other governors need to follow if we are to remain a free people.

In Florida, it is now ILLEGAL for any government entity or private company to require proof of a vaccine or Vaccine Passport.

While Joe Biden and his cronies are organizing federal, state and private sectors to impose Vaccine Passports, Gov. DeSantis said “NO!”

Royal Caribbean pushed back, but the mega cruise company caved. When the cruise line thought it could flee to Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott also said “NO!”

This is how we build freedom firewalls. This momentum began with YOU. We must not stop. We can disrupt their national scheme state by state.

Tell governors and legislators—NO VACCINE PASSPORTS!

When multinational corporations tried to circumvent DeSantis by requiring vaccines anyway, the Florida legislature codified the Vaccine Passport ban. it doesn’t matter if it is a major airline or cruise line—if they use Florida airports, airspace or ports, or do business in Florida, they must comply with Florida law. And that law says NO MANDATORY VACCINES OR PASSPORTS!

We must increase the freedom firewalls.

Tell governors and legislators—NO VACCINE PASSPORTS!

The VAERS log regarding adverse events in the last three full weeks alone reveals startling information. These numbers reflect less than 1% of the total number of injuries and deaths associated with the COVID jabs.

  • Total adverse reactions jumped from 227,805 to 329,021.
  • Deaths rose from 4,201 to 5,888.
  • Hospitalizations climbed from 12,625 to 19,597.
  • Office visits from 39,153 to 58,800.
  • Urgent care visits from 29,707 to 43,891.
  • Severe allergic reactions from 10,799 to 15,052.
  • Heart attacks from 1,390 to 2,190.
  • Blood clots and strokes rose to 8,587.
  • Bell's palsy from 1,273 to 1,737.
  • Miscarriages increased from 328 to 652.

The swine flu vaccine was shut down after only 53 deaths. Yet, an average of 103 people died each day in the last reported week alone.


The sheer number of COVID shot injuries and deaths can no longer be hidden. After months of pushing the “COVID shots are perfectly safe” propaganda, NBC was forced to report on the disturbing number of healthy teenage boys and men under 30 who developed myocarditis—dangerous inflammation of the heart that can lead to a heart attack.

We allow ANY government or private corporation to force anyone to take an experimental shot. We must wrestle back our freedom from the tyrants who wish to tag and track us like animals on a hunt.

Strategically, the best way to protect and preserve our medical freedom is to work through the governors even as we continue to pressure Congress. Liberty Counsel has helped develop executive orders and legislation that states can use. Since we began our campaign, nineteen states are now working to protect freedom! But those measures must be codified into state law to keep Joe Biden’s vaccine tyrants at bay.

Send your Fax for Freedom today. If you have already sent a fax, please consider sending another one—or more—to establish freedom firewalls.

Please also consider supporting our larger body of legal work. We are being flooded with requests for help against Vaccine Passports.

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God bless!

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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Then send a fax directly to members of Congress to urge them to fight the Equality Act. And sign our petition against this legislation. God's blessings on you.