BREAKING: CA Churches Free At Last

May 19, 2021

California churches and places of worship are finally FREE to worship as they please, not as Gov. Gavin Newsom demands! California will never again be able to steal the religious freedom of Californians, thanks to a historic settlement achieved by Liberty Counsel.


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Having terrorized California churches for over a year, Gov. Gavin Newsom has now been forced to wave the white flag of surrender.

In Liberty Counsel's case against Newsom, we have obtained a PERMANENT, STATEWIDE injunction prohibiting him (and the State of California) from EVER issuing another discriminatory COVID restriction on ANY church or place of worship in the state!

No more church closings. No more capacity limits. No more singing bans. No more fines. No more threats of prison. NO MORE. Not ever.

The CA churches are once again FREE to be churches, free to worship and minister to people as the Lord leads, not as government dictates.

The Constitution has been fully restored and vindicated!

This is the FIRST statewide permanent injunction in the nation. We believe it will be followed by many others in numerous other cases that we continue to pursue, in Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Virginia and elsewhere, coast to coast. Liberty Counsel is determined to ensure that the constitutional violations we have witnessed over the last year will never be repeated against the church.

It has taken us ONE YEAR of vigorous and aggressive litigation in multiple courts, including the Supreme Court, to permanently quarantine Gov. Newsom from ever trampling on churches again. Our team has invested thousands of hours into this case alone, working through the night, on weekends and holidays.

Over the past year, Gov. Newsom has imposed the most egregious church restrictions in the nation--banning ALL worship and singing, and even banning Bible studies and worship in homes!

Pastor Ché Ahn, a son of Korean immigrants, who has also planted churches in over 70 nations, recognized tyranny the moment Gov. Newsom announced his church shutdown orders. It quickly became clear that neither Pastor Ché nor any of the Harvest Rock Churches and the many churches of Harvest International Ministry could comply with Newsom's anti-church orders without violating their deeply held religious convictions.

Before we sued him, we sent Gov. Newsom and his attorney general a letter to rescind the discriminatory edicts against churches and abide by the Constitution. Had they done so then, we would have cheerfully moved on.

But Newsom chose the hard way. And with each Supreme Court victory along the way, instead of changing course, he dug in his heels and hardened his heart.

We filed massive pleadings in the trial court, argued twice, more volumes at the Court of Appeals, argued twice, three emergency motions and three emergency petitions to the United States Supreme Court.

We "lost" initially, at seemingly every turn, but won at the Supreme Court.

We were ridiculed by judges, lawyers, the media and even some misguided friends. "This case is not winnable," they said. Not in California. Not in the Ninth Circuit.

BUT GOD! He orchestrated a miraculous turnaround, and suddenly our "losses" were turned into victory upon victory, leading up to this Permanent Injunction.

NOW, if God had stopped there, and "only" given us this Permanent Injunction, it would have been enough, and He would have still deserved much glory.

BUT HE DIDN'T. He made our victory even sweeter!

Remember how in Exodus 12:35-36, we are told that when Pharaoh finally let the Israelites go, he didn't send them away emptyhanded but gave them Egypt's gold and silver to take with them?

For the thousands of hours and costs that Gov. Newsom required us to spend to bring him to justice, he is now REQUIRED to send Liberty Counsel a check for 1.35 million dollars to reimburse us for a portion of the enormous investment we had to make to defend these churches in California. This will help us defend even more churches.

But there's more! Churches like Harvest Rock Church and their pastor, Ché Ahn, who bravely stayed open despite incredible opposition are experiencing EXPLOSIVE REVIVAL!

While Gavin Newsom intended to empty churches, God is now filling and growing those churches! Revival is taking place.

Only God could have orchestrated so deep and wide a VICTORY! We give Him ALL the glory.

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Thank you for your prayers and for standing with us during this battle. Your prayers have sustained us and have moved the heart of our Lord.

"But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and manifests through us the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place" (2 Cor. 2:14).

To God be the glory!

Mat Staver

Founder and Chairman

Liberty Counsel

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