Breaking Developments on This Dangerous Bill

Jul 15, 2021

Joe Biden and the Democrats are panicked after the Supreme Court upheld Arizona’s election reform law. Biden hurled inflammatory rhetoric in Pennsylvania, saying election reform laws are the biggest threat to our “democracy” since the Civil War!

Democrats scrambled to quickly hold hearings this week in Congress with more scheduled over the next few days.

They are pushing the dangerous “John Lewis Voting Rights Act” (JL Act). Their entire agenda depends on passing this bill.

Speaking of the Democrat bill, Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) told CNN, "If we deliver, we maintain power in 2022. If we don't ... we risk losing power and risk this moment to really push a progressive agenda.”

This JL Act can be brought for a vote in the House or Senate at any time. We must blast BOTH houses of Congress to PROTECT America’s free and fair elections by STOPPING the JL Act. Select here or the button below. —Mat

On July 1, the Supreme Court upheld Arizona’s law that allows only family and household members, caregivers, mail carriers and election officials to handle another person’s completed early ballot. The Court also upheld the law requiring Election Day voters to cast their ballots at a designated precinct.

This ruling has enraged Democrats in Congress and the White House. The Democrat-controlled House held a hearing with less than 24 hours’ notice to push the JL Act that would allow the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) to impose every outrageous provision of HR 1/S 1/S 2093—and much more!

Biden is spewing inflammatory rhetoric, claiming election reform laws (like voter ID) are the worst attacks on “democracy” since the Civil War! No, Joe, the greatest threat to America is stolen or rigged elections. And that is what the JL Act would do for every future election.

Their Marxist/socialist agenda depends on passing the JL Act. If it passes, your vote will never count. The JL Act can come up in either the House or Senate at any time.

So we have expanded our faxing and petition options to include both the House and Senate.

Fax the House and Senate now & tell them VOTE NO on JL Act!

The “preclearance” embedded in the JL Act strips state and local officials of election duties and decision-making abilities, instead delivering even the most minute decisions solely to Joe Biden’s DOJ.

"This bill gives complete control to bureaucrats in the civil rights division," said Maureen Riordan, an attorney who worked in the DOJ Voting Rights Division.

"After spending 20 years working with these people [at the DOJ], I can tell you that they have a complete symbiotic relationship with every left-wing advocacy group that is in the United States. And they work hand in hand with these groups and really almost have no autonomy without those groups."

The Biden Deep State DOJ is filled with ACLU-supporting career employees. Behind the DOJ front will be the ACLU, Soros and Mark Zuckerberg pulling strings.

One of the most egregious demonstrations of voter intimidation was in Philadelphia during the 2008 election. Members of the New Black Panthers—a modern offshoot of the radical ’60s domestic terrorists—dressed in black paramilitary uniforms and lined up outside a Philadelphia polling place. Pounding clubs in their hands, they intimidated voters entering the polling place and demanded those they let pass vote for the “black” candidate.

The Panthers’ ringleader, King Samir Shabazz, was well known for making public statements about creating armed militias to exterminate whites. His face bears a “Kill Whitey” tattoo, and Shabazz regularly encourages members to “pour acid on whites,” attack them with pit bulls and even raid baby nurseries to “kill everything white in sight.”

The Obama-Biden DOJ dropped all the charges.

Now as then, the DOJ, filled with Deep State operatives, follows the drumbeat of Democrats in the White House. The Biden DOJ filed suit against Georgia to overturn its voter ID law. The JL Act would give Biden and his DOJ total control of future elections.


One of the people who testified for the Democrats in the House committee was angry that both the Georgia and Arizona banned ballot harvesting. Ballot harvesting allowing anyone to bundle ballots is fraught with fraud.

If the JL Act passes, America is doomed! This cannot happen on our watch!

YOUR FAXES HELPED STOP HR 1—and can derail the JL Act.

BOTH the House and the Senate must hear from you. Send your faxes to help save America’s elections. Tell Congress to VOTE NO on the JL Act!

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman, Liberty Counsel

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