Vaccine Trials Halted Because of Sickness

Oct 19, 2020

By: LC Writers

A vaccine for COVID-19 has been in the works by Johnson and Johnson subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceutical. However, Johnson and Johnson has since halted two out of four trials due to a person in their trials becoming sick from the vaccine. This is one of the vaccines that includes aborted fetal cell lines in the vaccine.

“No details on the illness were revealed, and it’s not currently clear if the illness is related to the shot or was a coincidence. It’s also not clear if the volunteer had received the vaccine or the placebo.” – Fox News

USA Today wrote in this article that the ill patient is being investigated by an “independent Data Safety Monitoring Board.” The article also explains that Johnson & Johnson has said that trials typically produce adverse effects on some who are participating in the trial.

Johnson & Johnson is not the only pharmaceutical having problems with the development of a vaccine. Astra-Zeneca’s trial has been at a halt since early September, about a week after the trial began. A participant had “developed a serious neurological condition” possibly due to the vaccination according to USA Today.

According to this article curated by The College of Physicians of Philadelphia, a typical vaccine takes 10-15 years to be fully complete and approved by the FDA and CDC before being able to administer to the public. Johnson and Johnson are trying cut this down to a matter of a few months.

Since this pandemic impacted the lives of Americans, whether they have the virus or not, many politicians will want to make this rushed vaccine a requirement, like masks. Americans may not be able to send their children to school, go to work, get groceries, and many other necessary tasks unless they have the vaccine.

With the illness we see here from the trials, it is inconclusive to the public on what caused it in the participant. There are very basic questions that are not being answered: What is the age of the participant, what were the symptom(s) experienced, were there any underlying medical concerns before the vaccine, and how long did the symptoms last?

Despite what caused it, it was enough to completely halt two out of the four trials currently happening. We need more information. Way more information than is coming out of these trials. There are many politicians that are signaling they will force everyone under their control to take these vaccines rather they want to, or not.

Or send your fax directly to the governors and national leaders who might be making these decisions for you.

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