Well-known Psychiatrist Meets with Pelletiers

Apr 18, 2014


Newburyport, MA– Prominent psychiatrist and author Dr. Keith Ablow sat down for dinner with the Pelletier family, and wrote about his experience in a column.  What he learned is that Lou and Linda Pelletier are caring parents, Justina’s sisters are independent and warm, and the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) has no right to come between them and Justina.

“Dr. Ablow found what we have been saying all along,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “Lou and Linda Pelletier love their daughter and were following expert medical advice in treating their daughter.”

While the dinner was not an evaluation, Dr. Ablow said, “I am a psychiatrist, and I don’t stop being one when the appetizers arrive.” In his commentary, the psychiatrist points out that the Pelletier family is warm and open. Each member acted autonomously and spoke freely during the dinner with no lawyers or public relations representatives present. The Pelletiers shared their heart, and no questions were off limits, he reported.

Dr. Ablow says, “Since this is, indeed, the United States in 2014, many people would assume the sealed record of court proceedings involving the Pelletiers will eventually be revealed and will include verifiable allegations of horrific abuse of Justina.”

Dr. Ablow says, “I am absolutely sure that if the medical records or other evidence cannot prove beyond a doubt that Linda and Lou Pelletier placed Justina in mortal danger by virtue of their psychopathology or willful negligence as parents, Children’s Hospital should be brought to its knees by paralyzing civil suits and criminal complaints, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts should be exposed for what it may have become: a state that, under the determined leadership of Gov. Deval Patrick (who, by the way, threatened to jail anyone driving during a snowstorm this winter), teeters on the brink of abandoning all pretense of individual freedom.”

Mat Staver agrees: “It is obvious to everyone but DCF that this disease is physical, not psychiatric. DCF has abused its authority and hurt this family. DCF had no right to come between Justina and her parents,” Staver concluded.                                     


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