Ronald Reagan: A Godly Man Who Made A Difference

Jun 11, 2004

We at Liberty Counsel are praying for Nancy, the Reagan family and the nation. We mourn President Reagan’s passing, but we rejoice in his life--a man who truly made a difference. Political allies and opponents alike credit his policies with hastening the end of the cold war, realigning the face of American politics, and restoring a sense of optimism and confidence to the American people and the world. In large part he was able to change the world because of his own great faith in God.

“We are a nation under God” he said. “I've always believed that this blessed land was set apart in a special way, that some divine plan placed this great continent here between the oceans to be found by people from every corner of the Earth who had a special love for freedom and the courage to uproot themselves, leave homeland and friends, to come to a strange land. And coming here they created something new in all the history of mankind--a land where man is not beholden to government, government is beholden to man.”

After an assassin nearly took his life early in his presidency, President Reagan was asked if he was ready to meet God. With the assassination attempt fresh in his mind, he thought a minute and said, “I [am] not afraid to meet God,...because I have a Savior.” No more, no less. The Great Communicator knew how to reduce life to its essential elements.

Ronald Reagan recognized the danger of excluding God from the public square. In 1984 he said, “And yet today we're told that to protect the First Amendment we must expel God, the source of all knowledge, from our children’s classrooms. Well, pardon me, but the First Amendment was not written to protect the American people from religion, the First Amendment was written to protect the American people from government tyranny.”

President Reagan had a profound impact on me. I will never forget watching the debate between Mr. Reagan and President Jimmy Carter. The contrasting views of America's future were set forth in stark contrast. Mr. Reagan gave us a choice. He had a clear vision. He was not shy about stating his conservative views. He believed in God and he believed in the destiny of America. May his spirit of optimism, his passion for liberty, his moral values, and his faith in God inspire our political leaders and guide America's children.

Ronald Reagan was a champion. We need more leaders like him. He will surely be missed.