Nearly 30% of 13 to 16 Year Olds are Sexually Active - On Valentine's Day Youth Around the World Will Make a Public Stand for Sexual Purity on the Day of Purity

Feb 1, 2005

ORLANDO, FL - The good news from a recent NBC News and People Magazine poll is that 42% of teens who are not sexually active attribute that choice to religious or moral beliefs. The poll, however, reveals that nearly 30% of young teens reported being sexually active, with half of them engaging in oral sex. In fact, 43% of teens don't consider oral sex as sexual intercourse, even though there are significant risks associated with oral sex. On February 14, 2005, millions of youth around the world will make a public statement for sexual purity as they participate in the second annual Day of Purity. The Day of Purity, a project of Liberty Counsel, is designed for youth of all ages, including those at the elementary and college levels as well as young adults, who commit to delay sexual activity until marriage.

Within a few weeks after announcing the first Day of Purity in 2004, youth leaders from several thousand schools joined with several hundred organizations across America in celebrating sexual purity. The Day of Purity quickly spread to seven foreign countries. A list of some of the supporting organizations is posted at

The Day of Purity is designed to encourage youth to remain sexually pure and counter the message that early sexual activity is healthy and normal. One freshman health textbook tells students that "testing your ability to function sexually and give pleasure to another person may be less threatening in your early teens with people of your own sex".You may come to the conclusion that growing up means rejecting the values of your parents." Other organizations readily admit to trying to steer our youth away from traditional values.

The Day of Purity offers youth the opportunity to counter that message. The Day of Purity web site,, allows anyone to download a planning manual and informative flyers on a variety of topics for distribution, order a Day of Purity T-shirt, and review startling statistics concerning the effect of early sexual activity. On the Day of Purity, youth are encouraged to wear a Day of Purity T-Shirt or white clothing to symbolize sexual purity. Call 1-800-671-1776 for more information.

Rena Lindevaldsen, International Coordinator for the Day of Purity, commented, "The Day of Purity gives all of us an immediate opportunity to make a positive difference, to change lives, to restore our culture."

Mathew Staver, President and General Counsel of Liberty Counsel, said: "Now is the time for every one who is concerned about the moral depravity of this culture to stand with our youth. Millions of youth have rejected the MTV culture. They want to be respected for who they are instead of being viewed as sexual objects to be used or discarded at will."

School District Backs Down From Targeting Christian Radio Station

Yesterday, the Orange County Public School District backed down from a discriminatory decision to prohibit a Christian radio station, Z88.3 FM, from participating in a carnival honoring elementary school students who raised funds and awareness for the tsunami relief effort. After a demand letter from Liberty Counsel and pressure from station listeners, the School District recanted and allowed the station to participate. You can read the entire story in a press release on our web site.

Liberty University School of Law Announces Scholarships

Dean Bruce W. Green of the Liberty University School of Law has announced that the law school will offer full- and partial-tuition scholarships to qualified applicants for the Fall 2005 entering class, crediting the success of the law school's inaugural class and Liberty University's commitment to reward meritorious applicants. The 60 members of the Fall 2004 inaugural class, representing 22 states and 47 undergraduate universities, all received full- or partial-tuition scholarships.