Liberty Counsel Seeks Dismissal of Planned Parenthood Lawsuit Against Sandra Merritt

Apr 26, 2016

In two separate motions, Liberty Counsel asked a federal court to dismiss the baseless and retaliatory lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood against Sandra Merritt and to punish Planned Parenthood for attempting to silence Merritt’s First Amendment rights. Merritt’s courageous undercover work as an investigative journalist exposed Planned Parenthood’s barbaric practices of harvesting organs from babies and selling them for profit. The videos she helped to produce stirred the conscience of America and led to the defunding of Planned Parenthood in more than 10 states.

Rather than changing course, Planned Parenthood has unleashed a 15-count federal lawsuit in which it claims that Merritt and other pro-life activists are legally responsible for its loss of taxpayer funding and for $10 to $16 million in other losses. 

Liberty Counsel points out the ridiculous nature of Planned Parenthood’s claims and demonstrates that Planned Parenthood’s losses were caused by its own gruesome, barbaric, unethical, and potentially unlawful practices – not by the courageous and constitutionally protected acts of a truth-teller who exposed those practices. 

In a separate motion, Liberty Counsel also seeks dismissal of Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit on multiple grounds, including that Planned Parenthood has no standing, no damages, and no legally cognizable claims. Both motions are currently set to be heard by the court in San Francisco on July 6, 2016.

Liberty Counsel’s vigorous defense of Merritt should defend and bolster the rights of all pro-life advocates who reveal the truth about Planned Parenthood’s inhumane actions. Merritt has bravely stood up to a heavily funded corporation and exposed the truth of their brutal practices. She should be rewarded, not punished by our legal system.

For more information, please read our press release.