Justina Pelletier Closer to Home

May 13, 2014


Justina Pelletier Closer to Home

Thompson, CT— Yesterday afternoon, Justina Pelletier was transferred by ambulance to the behavior (psychiatric) wing of the JRI Susan Wayne Center in Thompson, Connecticut, about an hour and a half from her home. While this is a movement in the right direction, the action initiated by the Massachusetts Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Department of Children and Families (DCF) is in lieu of putting her in a medical center or returning her to her family's custody. Justina remains a ward of the state of Massachusetts.

After meeting with the staff at the Wayne Center, the Pelletiers were optimistic. Lou Pelletier said, “She  has gotten out of that Wayside facility. So now she is at least in the state of Connecticut and hopefully this is her last stop and hopefully a short one before she is home in West Hartford.”

The JRI Susan Wayne Center has been much more accommodating than the Wayside facility. The Pelletiers are now allowed unsupervised visits with much greater frequency. Justina will also begin immediate physical therapy with a healthcare worker familiar with her condition.

“Liberty Counsel will continue to speak out for Justina until she is back with her loving family," said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “We will continue an aggressive legal representation until Justina is finally home!” Staver pledged.

“DCF has no reason to continue to hold Justina, nor did they have any reason to take her in the first place,” said Staver. “A disputed medical diagnosis does not warrant the removal of a child from the care of her parents and family.”

“The Liberty Counsel team is working on behalf of the Pelletier family to return Justina – and to expose the DCF for their ruthless acts, unlawful imprisonment, and implied torture of Justina. They will be held accountable!” Staver concluded.

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