Judge Alito One Step Closer to U.S. Supreme Court

Jan 24, 2006

Today, in a party line vote, the Senate Judiciary Committee’s 10 Republicans voted in favor of Judge Samuel Alito, while the 8 Democrats voted against him.

A vote by the full Senate could happen before the end of this week. Confirmation by the end of the week would come just in time for President Bush’s State of the Union Address on January 31. Although he will face opposition in the full Senate, Alito is expected to be confirmed. During the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, Judge Alito answered over 700 questions, more than any other prior Supreme Court nominee.

Mathew D. Staver, President and General Counsel of Liberty Counsel, stated: “Judge Samuel Alito will make a great Supreme Court Justice because of his commitment to the rule of law. Anyone who votes against confirming Judge Alito must do so from an ill-founded belief that Supreme Court Justices should be social scientists, rather than judges. Judge Alito knows the difference between the legislative and judicial branches of government. The government envisioned by our Founders provides for checks and balances and places the repository of power with the people. The majority of Americans have had enough of activist judges untethered to the Constitution and divorced from the rule of law. The Senate should move quickly to confirm Judge Alito to the High Court.”

Mat Staver to Speak at "War on Christians and Values Voter" National Conference

Mat Staver will be speaking at the “War on Christians and Values Voter” national conference sponsored by Vision America on March 27-28 in Washington, DC. Some of the speakers include Senators Sam Brownback and John Cornyn, Congressman Todd Akin, Louis Ghomert and Tom DeLay, Ambassador Alan Keyes, Phyllis Schlafley, Janet Parshall, Rev. Laurence White and Rev. Rod Parsley. Mat will be speaking on a panel: “The ACLU and Radical Secularism: Driving God From the Public Square.”

The New England Primer

The New England Primer is a good example of early American education. Introduced in the Boston public schools in 1690, for the next two centuries the New England Primer was a required textbook from which every first grader learned grammar and spelling. This little book taught first graders the alphabet using religious references. For the letter "A", the students learned, "In Adam's Fall, We sinned all." For the letter "C", the students recited: "Christ crucified, For sinners died."

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