In Memory of Baby Rowan

Jun 12, 2015

Rowan was born alive on April 2, 2005, after an attempted abortion in Orlando, Florida. Rowan died in the abortion clinic after birth. These photos were taken by Liberty Counsel and are protected from outside use by copyright.

Photo 1

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Photo 3

This picture of an aborted baby was given to us confidentially by a supporter to post on our website to educate people about the horrors of abortion. The little girl has been named Little Mary. She was aborted at 21 weeks of age at the Orlando Women's Center abortion clinic on November 6, 1999. The clinic is owned by James Scott Pendergraft. The following commentary was written by the person who gave us the photograph. Warning: to view the picture of aborted Little Mary click here.

What shall we do to honor the memory of Little Mary?

Our desire is to reach every single woman, man and teenager who walks the threshold between life and death at Orlando's five abortion clinics. People in crisis pregnancies need hope and practical help. We need you to be willing to extend a hand.

We also want to help abortion clinic workers to make a new life away from the killing fields. The sights and sounds of an abortion clinic wound the doctors, nurses, medical assistants, counselors and secretaries as well as the babies. We need you to be willing to extend a hand.

Deliver those who are drawn toward death and hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter (Proverbs 24:11). Don't stand back and do nothing.

Another 21 week old was given the gift of life by his mother. See the amazing photograph of him grasping the surgeon's hand who operated on him before birth.  

See a picture of a baby delivered in May 2003 at 24 weeks in Atlanta. His mother had toxemia, but opted for a caesarean to save her unborn child, instead of having an abortion.


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