GAO Report Reveals ObamaCare is Funding Over 1,000 Abortion Plans

Sep 16, 2014

Washington, DC—Today, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released “Health Insurance Exchanges: Coverage of Non-excepted Abortion Services by Qualified Health Plans.” In this report, the GAO found that in 28 states that do not have laws restricting healthcare coverage for abortion related services, 1,036 plans use taxpayer dollars to fund abortion-on-demand.

“Today’s findings by the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office are the latest in a long list of broken promises made by President Obama. To garner support, President Obama promised that abortion related services would not be funded by Obamacare.” Staver stated, “We knew that was a lie when President Obama made that statement, and as documented by today’s report, the President once again broke his word.”

“The report also documents the lawlessness of this President. By law, a healthcare plan covering abortion-on-demand, must keep the abortion related funding separate.” Staver explained, “This report shows that issuers are not even itemizing the abortion surcharge, much less maintaining separate accounts. The ObamaCare secrecy clause prevents prospective policy holders from knowing whether the plan covers abortion. Only after the policy holder pays the premium and is locked in for a year does ObamaCare allow the insurance company to reveal that the policy holder must pay a separate fee to kill innocent children. Never before in history has any government forced its citizens to actively participate in genocide until now. ObamaCare is a tragedy and will result in more government-sponsored genocide than any time in history,” said Staver.

“In light of today’s report, Harry Reid should bring the House-passed H.R. 7, ‘No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act of 2014,’ to a vote in the United States Senate,” said Staver.

“Seven out of ten Americans agree: taxpayer dollars should not be used to fund abortion. I call on the Congress to hold this Administration accountable for this unlawful public funding of abortion,” Staver concluded.

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