Fraudulent Challenge to Voter Guide Dismissed

Oct 24, 2014

Green Cove Springs, FL – Liberty Counsel has successfully defended the Clay Family Policy Forum, a citizen group that publishes voter guides, against a fraudulent and frivolous lawsuit filed by Sandra Dunnavant, candidate for Clay County School Board in the November 4, 2014 election.

 Sandra Dunnavant completed Clay Family’s candidate survey and indicated that she supports same-sex marriage. Clay Family accurately reported this fact in its voter guide. When Dunnavant faced voter opposition, she chose not to defend her position but to falsely accuse Clay Family of “altering” her survey and “fabricating” her responses. Dunnavant claimed to have made “copies” of her survey which proved her claims. She filed a defamation suit and maligned Clay Family’s reputation to the media.

 Liberty Counsel represented Clay Family and demonstrated – through forensic document examination and video deposition testimony – that it was Dunnavant who forged her “copies” to fit her false narrative that her survey responses had been altered. Dunnavant’s so-called “copies” contained spelling and formatting errors that could only occur if they had been purposefully altered. Liberty Counsel filed a Counterclaim against Dunnavant, as well as a motion for fraud on the court sanctions against her and her attorneys.

 Liberty Counsel also assisted Clay Family with the creation of a website,, which sets forth in detail the evidence of Dunnavant’s deceit, in an effort to repair Clay Family’s reputation.

 Faced with the overwhelming evidence of her fraud, Sandra Dunnavant has now voluntarily dismissed her lawsuit against Clay Family. She has not resigned from the school board race.

 “Those who aspire to lead our schools must first learn the ABC’s of honesty and integrity,” said Horatio Mihet, Vice President of Legal Affairs and Chief Litigation Counsel at Liberty Counsel. “Candidates who are willing to lie to get elected do not deserve positions of public trust,” he added.

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