Florida Marriage Amendment Surges for November Ballot

Jan 25, 2006

Florida Marriage Amendment Surges for November Ballot

To my Floridian friends, I urge you to read the message below and take immediate action. To those who do not live in Florida, I urge you to pray and, perhaps, to volunteer your time for the next several days. We need 611,009 certified petitions. The crunch to get this amount by February 1 is a result of a constitutional amendment passed in 2004 that shortened the time to obtain petitions by 5 to 6 months and the high voter turnout which increased the number of petitions needed by almost 200,000.

The final legal deadline to submit petitions is: WED. FEBRUARY 1, 2006

You should do one of two things to submit your petitions:

OPTION # 1: Send by Overnight or Express Mail your petition/s to:

4853 South Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32806


OPTION #2: Mail or (if after Friday Jan, 28, 2006) hand deliver the petition/s directly to the office of your local county Supervisor of Elections: (Please do not wait till the last minute. Hand deliver petitions to the county supervisor of elections immediately as it will take them time to count and process thousands and thousands of petitions. )

Attention Churches and Pastors: You can collect petitions in church services as late as Sunday January 29, 2006, but you MUST IMMEDIATELY SORT THEM BY COUNTY OF THE VOTER AND HAND DELIVER the petitions collected to each of the respective county supervisors of elections offices the next day on Monday January 30, 2006.