California Supreme Court Blocks San Francisco Mayor From Issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Mar 11, 2004

San Francisco, CA – Today the California Supreme Court issued an order blocking San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom from issuing same-sex marriage licenses. Randy Thomasson and Campaign for California Families (“CCF”) filed suit against Mayor Newsom last month and then filed legal documents in the action brought by the California Attorney General at the State Supreme Court. Mr. Thomasson and CCF are represented by Mathew D. Staver, President and General Counsel of Liberty Counsel, a national public interest law firm.

The case filed by Liberty Counsel with the State Superior Court was scheduled to be heard on March 29. The California Supreme Court has stayed that hearing. State law is clear that marriage is between one man and one woman. The actions of Mayor Newsom violated nine state civil laws, a statewide voter initiative known as Proposition 22, and a criminal law.

The Court ordered the City to Show Cause why a writ of mandate should not issue. However, pending the Court’s determination, the City shall “refrain from issuing [same-sex] marriage licenses or certificates.”

Staver commented, “I’m very pleased that the court put an end to Mayor Newsom’s lawless activities. The mayor took an oath to uphold the laws of the state of California. He violated his oath and made a mockery of the democratic system. Order has now returned to San Francisco. The rule of law has prevailed. Marriage remains only between one man and one woman.”

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