ACLU Tries to Shut Down the Boy Scouts While Defending Juvenile Boys Who Want to Cavort Nude in a Public Park

Nov 19, 2004

Orlando, FL – The ACLU recently announced that the Pentagon will no longer sponsor the Boy Scouts of America (“BSA”). However, this claim of victory was exaggerated, misleading, and obviously designed to raise funds for the group’s liberal agenda. The Boy Scouts will not be adversely affected. While trying to hurt the BSA, the ACLU filed suit against the state of Virginia, claiming that juvenile boys have a constitutional right to cavort nude in public parks.

The ACLU claimed that military bases are unacceptable meeting grounds for the Scouts. The partial settlement to which the ACLU refers involves a longstanding Department of Defense (“DOD”) Policy which states that no military personnel may officially sponsor any private organization on a military base. The Pentagon has merely agreed that it will continue to apply its longstanding policy. Military officials may continue to sponsor Scout meetings on military bases in their personal capacity on their own time. The National Council for the BSA states: “This settlement will have no impact on Scouts or their families.”

The ACLU lawsuit claims that the DOD and Housing and Urban Development violated the Establishment Clause by spending appropriated funds in support of the Scouts. The settlement has no effect on the challenge to DOD’s support - as opposed to sponsorship - of the Scouts or on any of the claims against HUD. The ACLU’s attempt to stop the Pentagon from supporting the Boy Scout Jamboree and to prevent the Scouts from using public housing facilities to meet is still ongoing and is being vigorously defended by the DOD and HUD.

While targeting the BSA, the ACLU has filed suit against the state of Virginia claiming that a new state law is unconstitutional. Under the new law, hotels or camp grounds that allow juveniles to cavort nude without the presence of a parent or guardian cannot obtain a license from the State. The law was passed in response to a “leadership” program for juveniles age 11-17 at Camp Whitetail, in which young boys were permitted to cavort in the nude.

Mathew D. Staver, President and General Counsel of Liberty Counsel, stated: “The ACLU is trying to shut down the Scouts with one hand and with the other argue that juvenile boys have the right to cavort nude in public parks. Either I’m confused or the ACLU has no moral compass. It would do the ACLU leadership good to attend a few Boy Scout meetings. Honoring God and pledging to remain pure are pretty good foundational values. Defending juvenile boys who want to cavort nude in a public park is ludicrous.”