Breaking — WHO Director Says He Will Find a Way

May 30, 2024

In a speech delivered to the World Health Assembly (WHA), World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros declared he is “confident” that the WHA, meeting in Geneva this week, will “find a way” to pass the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty and revised International Health Regulations (IHR).

Some of our coalition members are in Geneva working nonstop. While Tedros opened the meeting on Monday expressing disappointment that a consensus had not been reached on the Pandemic Treaty, he and the globalists are working frantically to pass something this week.

Congress must pass HR 1425 and S 444, the “No WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Without Senate Approval Act,” before it’s too late. Fax Congress now, then read on. — Mat

The WHO Director-General Tedros’ opening remarks to the 77th gathering of the World Health Assembly on Monday were a chilling reminder that the globalists will not stop until every member nation has ceded its sovereignty to the United Nations and its associated agencies, like the WHO. 

Tedros began his talk noting that the nations of the world had “agreed two-and-a-half years ago to develop a legally binding agreement on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response; and to strengthen the International Health Regulations. 

Tedros was hoping to have his treaty and amendments to IHR approved with the opening of the WHA. Thanks to your support and Liberty Counsel’s work that began three years ago, Tedros was not able to get consensus on his sovereignty-stealing new international laws when the WHA began. 

But Tedros is NOT giving up.

But I remain confident that you still will [pass the treaty and IHR], because where there is a will, there is a way. I know that there remains among you a common will to get this done,” Tedros told the global assembly 

So there must always be a way,” he continued. “It is now for this World Health Assembly to decide what that way is. The solution is in your hands. No one said multilateralism was easy, but there is no other way. 

In his opening remarks, Tedros saidas a platform to energize, to re-energize this process.” He continued, “And let's use it as a platform to give us more energy, inspire us.  

I take Tedros very seriously when he said: “We will try everything, believing that anything is possible, and make this happen.”  

This is why we must not let up now. 

In a roundtable discussion held later that day, Tedros told participants, I ask you to chart a path forward for the Pandemic Agreement and the IHR amendments, so we can bring both to a conclusion as soon as possible. 

The globalists have worked for years to put freedom-loving America, and the entire world, under the absolute control of the United Nations and its agencies. They used the fear generated by the COVID “crisis” as a tool to try to compel nations to give up their liberty for a sense of security. 

As Tedros’ speech reveals, these tyrants are not about to let their work be in vain. They will not give up, but neither must we. 

Congress has not yet brought the No WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Without Senate Approval Act” to the floor for a vote. Neither has it yet passed legislation to prevent the Biden administration from implementing the revised International Health Regulations that Tedros and his globalist gang want to force upon us. 

Three years ago, Liberty Counsel was alone against the WHO. But now, thanks to your support and action and to the blessings of God, we made huge strides to stop this one world government. But the battle is raging on. 

Every minute that Congress waits to pass HR 1425 and S 444 is yet another window for Biden and Tedros to seal their deal and revoke American sovereignty forever. 

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Mat Staver

Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel



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