BREAKING — Pushback against a New World Order

May 24, 2024

Joe Biden keeps losing in court, so he is trying to create a higher power than the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law. Unable to fully implement his tyrannical controls, Biden now seeks to have the World Health Organization (WHO) do it for him. This week, 24 Republican governors issued a public letter opposing Biden’s plan to cede American sovereignty to the WHO. They now join 22 state attorneys general, 49 U.S. senators, and a growing number of nations.

But on MONDAY, just three days from today, the World Health Assembly will meet to begin the process of approving the WHO Pandemic Treaty and revised International Health Regulations (IHR). Joe Biden plans to sign America on to these legally binding WHO dictates without U.S. Senate approval.

If he does, the U.S. will cede sovereignty to a centralized, unelected globalist body, including control over our health care, food, borders, and our movements. The new proposed regulations will change WHO from an advisory U.N. agency to a binding authority with sole discretion to impose its dictates on America and the world.

Joe Biden is trying to bypass the U.S. Senate just like George W. Bush did in 2005 when he signed America on to the WHO’s IHR. We must demand that Congress stop Biden from ceding American sovereignty to WHO! What I have to share is shocking.

If Congress does not stop Biden, this WHO agreement will be adopted. We have just days left to stop Joe Biden. The time to act is closing. — Mat

Right now, the WHO is simply an advisory body. It makes recommendations, but member countries are not obligated to follow those recommendations.

But Joe Biden is trying to circumvent the U.S. Constitution by ceding our sovereignty to the WHO.

Under the proposed new Pandemic Treaty and revised International Health Regulations, the WHO will no longer be an “advisory” body, but an enforcement body, whose dictates would carry the force of international law. This would force America to comply with all WHO directives on a wide range of issues, including all things involving health care; abortion; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI); critical race theory; climate change; and much more.

The WHO considers nearly every health and climate issue to fall under its purview. These tyrants are seeking to force unlimited abortion, the LGBTQ “trans” agenda mutilating our children, climate change regulation, open borders, and much more … whether we like it or not.

The new WHO regulations will do all the following and much more:

1. Change WHO from an advisory to a legally binding authority.

2. Assert authority over anything that has the “potential to impact public health.” This includes physical, mental, societal, and reproductive health (abortion), including critical race theory, LGBTQ, climate change, borders, and much more.

3. Give control and allocation of all “health products.”

4. Mandate medical treatments. This includes vaccines, medications, and treatments.

5. Global health certificates. This includes digital or paper format for tests, vaccines, treatment, recovery, tracing, and tracking. Foreign and domestic travel will be restricted in compliance with WHO directives.

6. Loss of sovereignty. The Emergency Committee will be able to override decisions of sovereign nations regarding health measures.

7. Increase funding from America and other nations. Richer nations can be required to implement centralized health care and to pay for poorer nations.

8. Censorship. The WHO will be able to censor “disinformation and misinformation” at its sole discretion.

9. Obligation to construct and maintain WHO infrastructure at all ports of entry.

These WHO changes will affect everyone. If Biden is successful in ceding our sovereignty to the WHO, our freedom will come under fire.

As I said above, the WHO’s World Health Assembly will begin meeting MONDAY to finalize these agreements. We are gaining momentum, but this is now a critical hour. If Congress does not stop Joe Biden NOW, we will be stuck under globalist WHO rule.

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel



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