They’re Screaming Bloody Murder

May 21, 2024

Even after Roe v. Wade was overturned, abortionists continue to make up to five times more that the average American, all for killing innocent babies.

That’s not enough for these butchers. As states move to protect the unborn, the abortion industry is filing suit to ensure their blood money keeps rolling in. Liberty Counsel is fighting them every step of the way, both in the courts and in Congress. Read on. — Mat

If you thought the fight for life ended the moment the U.S. Supreme Court handed down the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade, you could not be more wrong.

The abortion body count has only increased since Roe was overturned.

But that’s not enough bloodshed for the doctors who make a living slaughtering unborn children and yanking them from their mother’s womb. They want more bloodshed, more death, more abortions, and of course, more of the blood-soaked riches their deadly services garner.

By midnight tonight, and every day thereafter, 2,813 MORE children will die at the hands of an abortionist. That’s —

  • 85,562 dead babies every month, enough to fill the NY Giants’ stadium.

  • 1,026,745 murdered children every year, larger than the populations of Detroit and Atlanta combined.

All DEAD so that Planned Parenthood and their abortionists can stuff more blood-soaked dollars into their wallets before they fly away in their private planes to their luxury boats and waterfront mansions.

In San Jose, abortionists average 359,759 dollars a year for killing kids.

But that’s simply not enough riches for these fiends. The National Abortion Federation, along with the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, want to force even more death and more high-profit abortions on every state that has chosen to protect life since Roe was overturned.

Since Roe was overturned, statistics show that birth rates have increased in states that enacted pro-life laws.

Apparently, the loss of income, as well as the culture of life, is too much for abortionists to bear. So, they have banded together to back highly deceptive ballot initiatives to continue the slaughter.

These ballot initiatives seek to make abortion on demand up to full term a state constitutional “right.” Some initiatives even eliminate health and safety regulations for abortion clinics.

If that sounds too outrageous to believe, consider this ...

Last November, 57% of voters approved a ballot measure that declared that Ohio women have a right to seek an abortion. Since that time, Ohio abortion providers have launched a series of lawsuits arguing the amendment “bars all laws that touch on abortion.”

These killers apparently prefer to operate like the infamous Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia, whose clinic went uninspected for nearly 20 years. That lack of inspections and safety standards led to Gosnell’s patients contracting venereal diseases from Gosnell’s unsterilized instruments.

Women were injured, and at least two died because Gosnell’s two staff doctors were not licensed physicians at all. The “anesthesiologist” had only a sixth-grade education, and one “medical staff” member was a 15-year-old high school student.

No true doctor would want to end health and safety standards. Yet here abortionists are, clamoring to be treated with the same lax standards that enabled Kermit Gosnell’s abortion house of horrors.

Abortionists care as little for the mothers’ lives as they do for the lives of the children they seek to kill. Instead, they seek little else but death and dollars.

Liberty Counsel is fighting the multibillion-dollar Goliath of the abortion industry in every state where they deploy their murderous schemes, including the state ballot initiatives the abortionists are using to trick Americans into approving infanticide.

Liberty Counsel has filed legal briefs in multiple states. We have won at the state Supreme Courts of Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and South Carolina. Florida has moved from the most extreme abortion state in the nation to the most pro-life state.

In addition, we have filed briefs at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court as we work to block the deadly abortion pill known as mifepristone.

But the abortionists aren’t backing down. They know we are their enemy. And they know the U.S. Supreme Court specifically cited Liberty Counsel’s powerful brief exposing the racist, eugenic nature of the abortion business when the High Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

Knowing they may well lose to us in court again, abortionists are covering their bases, trying to get Congress to make unlimited abortion on demand up to birth a federal right via HR 12.

This murderous bill seeks to achieve the same abortion up-until-birth free-for-all that the bloodthirsty, money-grubbing abortionists are trying to force in state ballot initiatives.

In addition to our battles in the courtrooms, Liberty Counsel staff are on Capitol Hill working with Congress to defeat this genocidal legislation. You can help by faxing Congress now and demanding they VOTE NO on HR 12.

Recent vacancies in the House of Representatives mean that Republicans have just a one-vote margin over Democrats.

Let’s remind every member of Congress that if they intend to keep their job, we expect them to protect LIFE.

Liberty Counsel continues to fight this death-dealing madness. We will NEVER give up until every child is safe from the greedy abortionist’s schemes. Meanwhile, Liberty Counsel has many other critical cases pending at the U.S. Supreme Court and across the nation advancing religious freedom and the family.

We cannot perform this important legal work without your support. A special Challenge Grant has been established that will DOUBLE the impact of every donation made today. Please, support our legal fund so we can defend LIFE and LIBERTY.

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel



Fax Congress now and demand they VOTE NO on HR 12. And sign the petition.

Every donation today made will be DOUBLED by a special Challenge Grant.


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