BREAKING: Opposition To WHO Treaty Growing

May 13, 2024

Resistance is growing against a United Nations (U.N.) agency attempting to quite literally take over the world. The U.N.’s World Health Organization (WHO) will meet on May 27 — JUST TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY — hoping to approve the WHO Pandemic Treaty and the many amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR).

Joe Biden plans to sign this treaty, binding America to the WHO’s whims, without the constitutionally required 2/3 Senate approval. If Biden is not stopped, the U.S. will be forced to change our laws to meet the WHO’s new requirements on everything from food, water, and medical supplies, immigration and border policies, abortion and child mutilation laws, “climate,” and even freedom of speech. We cannot allow Joe Biden to sign this treaty! Read on. — Mat

I’ve been warning about the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty for nearly two years. My staff and I have spent countless hours poring over the details of this disastrous treaty, reviewing each update, and assessing each amendment. We’ve been educating members of Congress, governors, state attorneys general, organizational leaders, and more.

Thankfully, our work is beginning to bear fruit.

Last week, 22 state attorneys general delivered a letter to the Biden administration declaring their opposition to the WHO treaty and amendments to the IHR, protesting Biden’s plans to sign America on to these catastrophic globalist measures.

In the U.S. House, in May alone, 13 more members became co-sponsors of HR 1425, bringing the total to 49 plus the original sponsor. This bill seeks to force Joe Biden to receive the constitutionally mandated 2/3 majority approval of the Senate for this treaty to go into effect. That brings the total number of House sponsor/co-sponsors to 50.

Along with the bill’s original sponsor, 48 other U.S. senators have signed on to co-sponsor the Senate companion bill, S 444, bringing the total Senate supporters to 49. These senators also just signed an open letter to Joe Biden opposing the WHO treaty.

But those are just 99 of the 535 members of Congress we need to stop this march toward globalism and a nation run by the whims of the U.N. and its agency, the WHO.

Meanwhile, 161 nongovernment organizations (NGOs) have delivered a letter to the WHO director-general opposing the upcoming vote on the treaty. Though many of these NGOs have views diametrically opposed to ours, like us, they are opposing the WHO’s plan to ram this treaty down everyone’s throats without proper input.

Our research and activism are helping other countries take a stand against the U.N. and the WHO’s globalism plans as well.

Last week, the United Kingdom announced it WILL NOT sign the WHO treaty. "We will only support the adoption of the accord and accept it on behalf of the U.K., if it is firmly in the U.K. national interest and respects national sovereignty," a spokesperson for the United Kingdom’s Department of Health and Social Care announced.

As Liberty Counsel’s research has shown, the WHO Pandemic Treaty seeks to erase every member nation’s sovereignty by putting the U.N. agency in charge of member nations’ laws on immigration, border policies, abortion, transgender “rights,” and even religious freedom. The treaty goes as far as to REVOKE free speech, and even demands that the WHO be able to prevent citizens from traveling freely without U.N. agency permission.

The U.K. is right to refuse to sign this globalist measure seeking to put the United Nations and its WHO in charge of every citizen’s everyday lives.

The United States MUST follow suit. But we need Congress to wake up NOW to stop Joe Biden from signing this disastrous treaty. Ninety-eight co-signers are simply not enough. We only have 14 short days from today to get this important legislation, HR 1425 and S 444, passed, so we can STOP JOE BIDEN and the U.N./WHO’s globalist takeover plans.

Please also consider making a generous one-time or recurring monthly donation to support our work. For two years, Liberty Counsel has led the charge against the U.N./WHO’s sovereignty-killing treaty. In addition to thousands of hours spent researching, our staff and attorneys fight for life, religious freedom, and the natural family every day in courtrooms across the country.

Mat Staver

Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel



Don’t forget! Fax Congress and demand they REQUIRE a 2/3 majority Senate vote on the WHO Pandemic Treaty. VOTE YES on HR 1425 and S 701! And sign the petition, here.



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