The End of Health and Safety Laws

May 10, 2024

Liberty Counsel has been warning that abortion providers would try to end every single health and safety protection related to abortions. Ohio abortion providers just proved us right.

In a lawsuit before the Ohio Courts, state abortion providers are demanding that every single law regulating abortion must be overturned — including important health and safety measures designed to save the lives of women. But abortion providers don’t care about the lives of mothers. They use them to kill their babies and collect enormous sums of money. They are literally contract killers for hire.

Now, Planned Parenthood-backed ballot initiatives similar to Ohio’s are popping up in more states, while Congress is considering making the abortion giant’s dream legislation a federal law.

More than 2,800 American children are being murdered in the womb every day. Liberty Counsel is fighting furiously to save them, but we need your help. Please, support our legal fund, then read on. — Mat

Abortion giant Planned Parenthood is backing ballot initiatives across the country seeking to make unfettered, unlimited abortion up until birth a state constitutional “right.”

And just in case those state ballot initiatives don’t pass, the abortionists are leaning on Congress — where there is only a ONE VOTE margin between Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. House — to make the same unlimited, abortion on demand, up until birth a federal right through HR 12 and S 701, legislation I’ve termed the “Planned Parenthood Protection Act.” We must tell members of the House to hold the line on HR 12!

For two years, I have been warning that abortionists would use these ballot initiatives and congressional legislation to repeal every law governing abortion. I warned that abortionists would seek to do away with health and safety inspections, ultrasound requirements, and even in-person consultations designed to ensure the mother will not be injured or killed by the procedure. Ohio abortionists just proved me right.

Last November, 57% of voters approved a ballot measure which declared that Ohio women have a right to seek an abortion. Since that time, Ohio abortion providers have launched a series of lawsuits arguing the amendment “bars all laws that touch on abortion.”

These pro-abortionists don’t want to be bound by the health and safety standards and inspections necessary to protect patient health, nor do they want to be forced to offer ultrasounds or 24-hour waiting periods. They prefer the butchers like the infamous Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia, whose clinic went uninspected for nearly 20 years.

The result was gruesome. Women contracted the same venereal disease because of the unsterile instruments. And this butcher had a collection of baby’s feet preserved in jars in his office as trophies of his death camp.

Such actions reveal that abortionists care as little for the mothers’ lives as they do for the lives of the children they seek to kill.

In a court filing last week, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said: Acquiescing to abortionists’ demands to block enforcement of these important health and safety laws “would irreparably harm the public.”

Planned Parenthood-backed campaigns are seeking to put ballot measures similar to Ohio’s constitutional amendment on several other state ballots this fall. Each of these ballot amendments specifically seeks to end any government interference with abortion. Liberty Counsel is fighting them every step of the way.

We have a huge ongoing fight in Florida involving a deceptive ballot initiative that, if passed, will overrule every abortion law except parental notification and allow abortion for any reason up to and including birth.

I am pleased to share BREAKING NEWS! A New York judge just ruled that a deceptive abortion and “trans” initiative will NOT be allowed on the November ballot because the state legislature did not follow the law. This case will be appealed, and Liberty Counsel will be involved.

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood is flexing its multibillion-dollar muscle in Washington, D.C. HR 12/S 701, the seriously misnamed Women’s Health Protection Act, seeks to make unlimited, unfettered, abortion on demand up until birth a federal right.

HR 12 has 213 co-sponsors, which means the pro-abortion crowd only needs to convince ONE Republican to vote their way to make unlimited abortion the law of the land. Congress needs to hear from you NOW demanding they hold the line against Planned Parenthood and its baby-killing schemes. Please, fax Congress now and tell them to VOTE NO on HR 12 and S 701!

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel



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