Florida Now a Pro-Life State ... Unless ...

Apr 3, 2024

On Monday, the Florida Supreme Court announced its historic ruling in our case challenging a horrible 1989 opinion that made the Sunshine State a radical abortion destination. After 35 years of hard work, Liberty Counsel has finally overturned the T.W. decision that made Florida the most radical abortion state in America.

As a result of this blockbuster 6-1 opinion, Florida’s 15-week abortion ban was upheld. And within 30-days of this ruling, Florida’s six-week abortion ban, commonly known as the “Heartbeat Law,” will go into effect, saving untold millions of lives.

In an instant, Florida moved from one of the most liberal abortion states in the nation to one of the most pro-life states. This victory was fought with prayer, legislation, litigation, and elections. During those 35 years, we faced victories and heartaches. But on April 1, 2024, the Court ruled there is no right to an abortion in the Florida Constitution.

I am excited to share the details with you. However, all that could be undone by a Planned Parenthood-backed attempt to enshrine abortion into the state constitution. We won a great battle this week, but the war is far from over. Read on. — Mat

Florida’s 35-year trail of blood began with an anonymous minor seeking a judge’s approval for an abortion.

In 1989, a teenage girl, whom the Court dubbed “T.W.”, sought Court approval to receive an abortion without her parents’ knowledge or consent. At the time, the Florida Supreme Court was stacked by an extremely liberal bench of Justices, including a former nun who became radicalized after leaving her convent and the church.

Without any substantive court record, the activist Justices on the Florida Supreme Court took the case. The Court then twisted a 1980 amendment to the state constitution that was designed for documentary privacy protection. This amendment had nothing to do with abortion.

And then, the 1989 Court went even further, making its decision more radical than Roe v. Wade.

That Court granted T.W.’s abortion without the legally required parental consent, claiming authority to do so under this 1980 amendment, a law born out of the Watergate era, which protected the privacy of a person’s documents and papers.

Then, without any medical evidence, the T.W. Court ruled that “the fetus is a highly specialized set of cells that is entirely dependent upon the mother for sustenance” (emphasis added).

This statement is shocking. In 1989, I helped prepare an amicus brief arguing that there is no right to abortion in the Florida Constitution. I never gave up and have tirelessly worked to overturn that dreadful opinion.

As a result of this 1989 case, young women began traveling to Florida in droves to escape parental notification laws in their home states, opting to end their pregnancies in Florida so their parents would never know. Florida was an abortion tourism state for 35 years ... until Liberty Counsel’s arguments helped overturn the T.W. case.

In overturning the 1989 case, the Court ruled there is NO RIGHT TO AN ABORTION IN THE FLORIDA CONSTITUTION. The Court then upheld the challenged 15-week abortion ban.

And as a result of our work, Florida’s six-week abortion ban, aka “Heartbeat Law,” will go into effect within 30 days. The law bans abortions when the heartbeat is detected, which is around six weeks.

But there is bad news from another ruling on the same day.

After 35 years, we won a huge victory on April 1. Florida is no longer an abortion destination state. On Monday, Florida went from being a liberal abortion destination to being one of the most pro-life states in the nation. But all that hard work could be erased in November if Planned Parenthood’s extreme abortion initiative is passed.

On the same day, the Florida Supreme Court ruled 4-3 that a deceptive ballot initiative that proposes to codify unrestricted abortion in the state’s constitution may appear on the November ballot — IF the requisite number of signatures have been gathered.

Planned Parenthood’s proposed amendment is not about protecting women. In fact, this amendment will throw women into the hands of back-alley abortion butchers. That’s because the proposed amendment would wipe out every single law regulating abortion, other than parental notification laws. As such, the amendment would prevent the State from implementing ANY measure that could be deemed to delay or stop an abortion.

The proposed amendment is so broad that not even health or safety regulations will survive. Unscrupulous abortionists will be totally unregulated, and we will see more horrors like we witnessed in Dr. Gosnell’s filthy, baby-butchering factory that killed several women even as he murdered their children by snipping their spinal cords with giant, unsanitized sewing scissors.

Now Floridians must defeat this deceptive amendment. Planned Parenthood is already arming up to spend tens and tens of millions of dollars to deceive the people. We need YOUR HELP to fight back, defending the unborn from the abortionists’ lies. We will be educating and mobilizing Floridians to “Vote No on Amendment 4.”

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel



In Washington, D.C., the U.S. Congress needs to hear from you regarding HR 15 — a bill that would federally overturn the 2003 partial birth abortion ban and enshrine abortion up until birth as a federally protected “right.” Fax Congress NOW to protect Americans from HR 15, the misnamed “Equality Act,” and don’t forget to sign the petition!