Once “Mutilation” Is now “Affirmation” in New Guidelines

Mar 30, 2024

The World Health Organization (WHO) has now appointed a panel of “transgender” activists to create mandates that will be forced on member nations regarding “gender affirming” surgery and care. Despite existing WHO guidelines that prohibit the mutilation of girls’ genitalia, the WHO will now recommend and potentially mandate those practices in cases where the patient is confused about their gender.

We must stop Joe Biden from signing America on to the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty and the insane, politically driven International Health Regulations (IHR) that carry the force of international law. Read on. — Mat

In 2008, the World Health Assembly passed resolution WHA61.16 emphasizing the elimination of female genital mutilation (FGM). According to the WHO, FGM is the practice of partially or completely removing or damaging a girl’s or woman’s external genitalia.

WHA61.16 required member nations to “take action” to eliminate female genital mutilation via health, women’s affairs, and justice sectors.

In its published guidelines, the WHO recited the “serious health consequences” associated with the mutilation of young women’s genitals which, according to the WHO, include “severe pain, hemorrhage, tetanus, sepsis, urine retention, ulceration of the genital region” and long-term ill effects, including “recurrent bladder and urinary tract infection, cysts, severe and adverse psychological and sexual consequences.”

But thanks to the near constant pressure of a rabid LGBTQ agenda eager to force “acceptance” of their delusions on the world, and the profit-driven “gender care” medical industry, the WHO has decided to make an exception to WHA61.16, allowing genital mutilation so long as the patients involved appear to be uncomfortable with their gender.

Up until 2019, just a little over four years ago, the WHO officially considered transgenderism to be a mental health disorder. But after pressure from LGBTQ groups, the WHO “updated” its global manual of diagnosis to remove any reference to gender dysphoria as a mental illness, and instead placed issues of “gender incongruence” under a chapter on sexual health.

But that was not enough for the LGBTQ gender benders and their puppet, WHO Director-General Tedros. In a bulletin released earlier this year, Tedros insisted that “Civil society and affected communities must mobilize to demand services, promote rights and reduce stigma,” associated with transgenderism and other sexually deviant practices. Tedros also insisted the nations must “Counteract Conservative Opposition” to transgenderism.

Now the WHO has appointed a panel of transgender activists on a “Guideline Development Group” to draw up global health rules for transgender procedures, including promoting “gender affirming” surgeries that partially or completely remove a girl’s or woman’s genitals.

In other words, the WHO is setting a policy right now that FGM is wrong, unless it’s for LGBTQ purposes, in which case this destructive and dangerous practice is suddenly A-OK!

And this is just the beginning of what Joe Biden wants to force on America. We must demand Congress stop him before it’s too late.

Our medical policies should not be driven by politics, but on clear and unbiased science and reason. Nor should America’s health policies be dictated by an unelected globalist organization that developed its guidelines based on the recommendations of foreign staff members, many of whom aren’t even medical doctors, but are “trans” activists.

If Joe Biden signs the upcoming WHO Pandemic Treaty and updated International Health Regulations, these irrational and profit-focused people WILL set our national health guidelines and our laws.

That’s because, if signed, the Pandemic Treaty and IHR will have the force of international law. If America fails to comply, we will be dragged before the United Nations’ international courts and sanctioned until we change our laws to match the WHO demands.

We cannot allow this wholesale theft of our rights any more than we can risk the future of the many children and adults who have fallen victim to the social contagion known as “transgenderism.”

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel


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