FDA Issues Disturbing Statement

Mar 28, 2024

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), under the Biden administration, has made a shockingly racist declaration to the U.S. Supreme Court. The FDA told the Court that poor kids should be aborted because they are more likely to be unfit for school, for adulthood, and for society. This claim is outrageous in the truest sense of the word.

But equally outrageous is what pro-abortion states like New York and California are doing to encourage doctors in their states to break the laws of other states. Liberty Counsel has filed a powerful amicus brief with the Supreme Court. The High Court heard oral arguments this week, and we await their decision. Read on. — Mat

New York and California have recently passed “shield laws” that promise to “shield” abortion doctors from facing penalties for providing mail order abortions to women in states where the abortion is banned.

A New York news station recently interviewed some of the women engaging in this illicit mail order abortion trade. “The medication is going to all the states the pharmacies will not send to,” a woman at the clinic told the reporter. “So, I would say the majority are going to Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia."

These are ALL states where mail order abortions are banned. But this woman and her associates are going out of their way to break those states’ laws. I will share something even more shocking below.

Dr. Linda Prine is less concerned about prosecution. Prine is one of the doctors using NY’s “shield law” to flagrantly violate other states’ laws that prohibit or restrict mail order abortion drugs.  As the NY-based Coalition for Telemedicine’s co-medical director, Prine says she is sending out up to 10,000 abortion pills a month to women she has never met in person, on whom she has never performed an examination, and who live in states where Prine’s practice is illegal.

That’s 10,000 children a month Prine and her ilk are killing across state lines — 10,000 women whose lives she is putting in danger because her desire to get rich off selling abortion pills outweighs her concern for patient safety.

By the way, according to the drug discount program GoodRx, the average price for a mifepristone abortion pill is 500 dollars, and in larger cities, it is often even more expensive. That would mean that Dr. Prine’s clinic is raking in 5 MILLION DOLLARS A MONTH killing kids in other states.

RU-486, otherwise known as mifepristone, has an FDA warning for causing drug toxicity/overdose, ruptured ectopic tubes, hemorrhage, and more. From February 2019 to September 2020 alone, the drug killed 3,197 women. Among the other thousands of adverse injuries reported during the same period, 2/3 of women who did not die of RU-486’s adverse events required surgery to save their life and future fertility.

That’s why the FDA used to require doctors to examine patients in person before and after providing the pill to protect patient health. But the FDA permanently lifted that requirement in 2021, allowing the abortion pill to be mailed without an exam to keep the abortion industry killing at full speed.

Our Supreme Court brief reveals that the patent to RU-486/mifepristone is owned by The Population Council, a racist and eugenic group formed in 1952 by John D. Rockefeller III. The Population Council’s mission then and now is to “reduce human population.”

These people unabashedly wrote that some people are “less desirable” in the gene pool and were human “weeds” that needed to be eradicated.

The group claimed “unfit, poor, and unintelligent people were more fertile than fit people.” Then the group produced and supported “research” claiming that minorities consistently made “wrong choices with respect to family planning because they were incompetent, unmotivated, or influenced by their own or their family’s culture.”

By 1969, the group was advocating adding “fertility control agents” to urban water supplies and “time-capsule contraceptives” to temporarily sterilize young women (recall that Ezekiel Emanuel, the architect of Obamacare, advocated this same principle).

The Supreme Court heard oral argument this week on whether the FDA should rescind its abortion-by-mail decision. Shockingly, in a declaration submitted to the Court, the Biden FDA parroted Rockefeller, Sanger, and The Population Council’s racist claims by telling the High Court that children should be aborted because they are more likely to be unfit for school, for adulthood, and for society.

Liberty Counsel submitted an amicus brief in this case, representing the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and the Frederick Douglass Foundation. These nonprofit faith organizations represent more than 70,000 Hispanic and African American churches and tens of millions of Hispanic and African American members across the United States.

Our clients are tired of watching helplessly as their populations are devastated by racist elitists who claim “overpopulation” but who mainly seem fixated on reducing the populations of black and brown people. Liberty Counsel’s powerful amicus brief detailing the racist origins of abortion was cited by the High Court in the Dobbs decision, and we pray this new amicus brief will have similar lifesaving effect. We will continue to fight until EVERY unborn child is safe from the eugenicists’ genocidal programs.

By the way, the entire reason America is a republic instead of a democracy is so that states like California and New York cannot force their bad ideas on the rest of the populace.

Now the High Court will decide whether they will be allowed to keep killing unborn kids in other states. Please be in prayer for a life-affirming decision from the Court.

Over the last four years, Liberty Counsel has won every case it argued or briefed before the U.S. Supreme Court. We’re not done winning yet. But we cannot do this lifesaving work without YOU.

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel


In Washington, D.C., the U.S. Congress needs to hear from you regarding HR 15 — a bill that would federally overturn the 2003 partial birth abortion ban and enshrine abortion up until birth as a federally protected “right.” Fax Congress NOW to protect Americans from HR 15, the misnamed “Equality Act,” and don’t forget to sign the petition!


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