Stunning Admission Confirms Key Point

Mar 19, 2024

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) has admitted in writing that the World Health Organization (WHO) documents that Joe Biden is pushing are, in fact, a “treaty.”

But along with his critical admission, Durbin is touting three lies to avert opposition to this “treaty.” No wonder Durbin does not want this “treaty” to come before the full Senate.

With Durbin’s admission, we must wake up some of the sleeping senators and members of the House to do everything in their power to block Joe Biden and the WHO from their global quest for power.

The most important way to get a new message into the hands of senators and representatives is through your faxes, which go directly to their offices. We updated our fax to Congress, so even if you have faxed before, now is the time to fax again to outline exactly what is at stake in this treaty.

Demand that members of Congress stop Biden from signing over American sovereignty to a global dictator. We are much closer to that reality than you might think! — Mat

In response to one of our supporters, Democrat Senator Dick Durbin admitted that the WHO documents are a “treaty.” But then his written response listed three lies, which I want to unpack below.

Lie #1: “A draft treaty under consideration in the WHO does not overrule any nation’s ability to pass individual pandemic-related policies.”

This draft treaty — in combination with a list of amendments being pushed for a vote next month — clearly states that individual nations can make MORE rules or laws that are MORE restrictive than what the WHO is demanding, but they CANNOT make rules of laws that are LESS restrictive than the WHO’s legally binding “standards.”

If any nation has fewer restrictions than the WHO, the WHO will force that nation to impose the WHO’s restrictions.

Lie #2: “The draft treaty would be non-binding and lays out broad recommendations related to international cooperation on pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response.”

This draft treaty combined with the proposed amendments to the WHO’s governing documents WILL BE LEGALLY BINDING. The amendments give the WHO enormous power, and the treaty will be enforced as legally binding under international law.

Up till now, globalists have tried to hide behind the word “agreement” to avoid the word “treaty.” This same sleight of hand was done by Obama with the Paris Agreement or Paris Accord (as it is sometimes called). Yet, the Paris Agreement is actually a treaty and is listed as such on the U.N. website, with the U.S. as a signatory even though the Senate did not vote on it.

With Sen. Durbin’s admission that the WHO “agreement” is a “draft treaty,” globalists can no longer hide behind a false label. It is common knowledge that a treaty is legally binding.

That is why we must push back now before it is too late.

Lie #3: “These documents do not mention lockdowns, closures or specific citizen surveillance systems.”

The WHO documents clearly include the power to impose travel restrictions and to enforce them via digital health passports.

The draft treaty and the amendments give the WHO all power to impose lockdowns, closures, surveillance, tracking, tracing, vaccine or digital health passports, and much more.

And these documents give the WHO complete control over all medical treatments with the ability to withhold or to mandate medical treatment or vaccines, when drugs will be released to the public, and how vaccines and drugs will be approved, and the WHO would have direct control and ownership over 1 in 5 of everything manufactured that is health related.

We are in an all-hands-on-deck moment. Our staff is working on Capitol Hill to meet with multiple legislators urging them to act now. But we can only keep fighting with your generous support today.

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel



Please fax Congress and sign our petition to STOP Biden’s push for global WHO control!



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