Erin Needs Help...

Feb 21, 2024

In kindergarten, Erin Everitt was brutally sexually assaulted. She never told anyone. Instead, she chose to act and dress like a boy in a childlike attempt to prevent future abuse.

Years later, a secular therapist encouraged Erin to engage in a pornographic career as part of her healing. It wasn’t until a Christian counselor stepped in that Erin was able to leave the shame of leading a double life behind.

Christian counseling saved Erin’s life. But cities and states around the country have banned or are banning this practice. Liberty Counsel is fighting to overturn those bans. Read on to learn more about Erin’s healing and Liberty Counsel’s fight to free the captives. — Mat

In the summer between kindergarten and 1st grade, a stranger forced little Erin Everitt and her brother into a public bathroom stall where Erin was brutally sexually assaulted. Fear kept the children from telling anyone what happened.

Perhaps because the pedophile did not touch Erin’s brother, her young mind decided that being a boy was safer than being a girl. Erin began to dress in her brother’s clothes, and more and more began acting, as best she could, like a boy in an unconscious attempt to protect herself from further assault. Erin needed counseling, but many laws ban Christian counseling for people like Erin. We are determined to overturn them.

 “No one, not even my mother, knew that my longing to be a boy, a budding transgender identity, was based upon my desire to keep my body from being sexually violated, and it took years of therapy before I even understood the connection.” But that therapy would not come until decades later.

As she grew older, Erin continued to dress and act like a boy, even practicing trying to use the bathroom like a boy would. “I thought if I could master this skill, I could ‘pass’ as a boy,” Erin says.

In high school, Erin, still pretending to be a boy, began cultivating same-sex relationships. After high school, Erin shed her gender dysphoria. Instead, she became enthralled with pornography and became a pornography performer herself, filming and posting over 400 “solo” videos to an online forum.

“Men would give me encouragement,” says Erin, “thanking me for acting out their sexual fantasies and telling me how wonderful I was.”

Erin’s secular therapist encouraged her to continue making and posting pornographic videos of herself. Calling Erin’s pornography a “career,” the male therapist “likened me to being a social worker for men who had never been sexually fulfilled.” But Erin remained deeply broken.

During this season, Erin was invited to a Christian group’s forum on childhood gender dysphoria. Self-described as a “proud leftist atheist,” Erin disagreed with “almost everything” the group stood for, but she attended anyway.

“While there, I felt God's love reflected by those in attendance,” Erin says. “If they knew I was making a living making porn, I thought, they would ask me to leave in disgust. But when I confessed to a number of people, rather than reject me, they responded with God’s love.” One woman approached Erin directly and told her, “Even though you don’t believe in God, He believes in YOU.”

“God's love began to soften my heart,” Erin says. Shortly after the conference, Erin asked Christ to be her Lord and Savior. Christian counseling helped Erin to understand that her early gender dysphoria was a protection mechanism, and that her same-sex attraction was the result of her fear of men and a desire to feel safe.

“Filled with peace for the first time in my life, I realized that all my brokenness, from my childhood gender conflict to my same-sex relationships to porn was because I was trying to fix something deep within myself that only Jesus could heal,” Erin says.

Erin’s story demonstrates just how damaging “secular” counseling can be. Instead of picking up on the obvious causes of Erin’s distress, her counselor encouraged her to continue demeaning and destroying herself as a pornographic performer. It wasn’t until Christian counseling entered her life that Erin found “peace” and joy in living.

Thanks to the evil Dr. Alfred Kinsey and the institution he founded at Indiana University, many secular therapists are trained in the same way Erin’s early therapist was — to encourage soul-killing sexual depravity. At the same time, LGBTQ forces are BANNING Christian change counseling.

Our court cases have overturned 23 bans in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. However, more than 87 bans still exist around the country. Liberty Counsel will soon be filing lawsuits in three more states. Our work in defeating these lawsuits isn’t simply setting the captives free — we are saving lives.

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Even Congress is trying to ban Christian change counseling!

HR 15, the so-called “Equality Act,” specifically denigrates Christian change counseling. With 212 House co-sponsors, this legislation only needs six Republicans to pass. If you and I don’t act NOW, those six votes might not be hard to capture.

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel



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