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Feb 7, 2024

I and the entire Liberty Counsel legal team need your urgent prayers right now. I just delivered oral argument before the Florida Supreme Court to stop Planned Parenthood from deceiving voters into voting to enshrine unlimited abortion on demand at any time for any reason up till birth!

But this isn’t the only case in which we are battling the Jezebel abortion leviathan. In courtrooms across country, before the U.S. Supreme Court, and on Capitol Hill, Liberty Counsel is fighting for the lives of America’s unborn. Read on to learn how you can help. — Mat

I just presented oral argument today at the Florida Supreme Court to keep a deceptive ballot initiative from tricking voters into enshrining unlimited, unfettered, and gruesome late-term abortions into the state constitution.
Planned Parenthood and the ACLU are trying to deceive Florida voters into erasing every protection for women and babies. The group announced it has gathered enough signatures to place a highly deceptive pro-child-killing amendment on the Florida ballot, which would ban any law that would “prohibit, penalize, delay, or restrict abortion.”

Every law “restricts” the regulated subject. “No law shall ... restrict” means NO LAW. NONE! Even health and safety regulations will be GONE!
That means parental consent laws will be banned, as will any attempt to save preborn lives or protect women. In fact, even late-term birth abortions — when a live and viable baby’s body is partially delivered — are permitted if this amendment passes.

Worse yet, the ballot language would allow even a tattoo artist, massage therapist, or nail technician to determine the viability of an unborn child and make abortion referrals — even to minors!

The proposed amendment to the Florida Constitution is outrageous. And because the language the pro-abortionists used is clearly designed to mislead voters, it is unlawful.

Please be in prayer that the Florida Supreme Court carefully considers our arguments and rules in favor of LIFE!
But Planned Parenthood’s Florida ballot initiative isn’t the only issue where Liberty Counsel is fighting for life ...

Also in Florida: When the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe, little changed in Florida. That’s because an activist Florida Supreme Court’s 1989 decision, In re. T.W., made Florida an abortion destination state.

We filed two critical briefs at the Florida Supreme Court. If the 15-week ban is upheld, the six-week ban goes into effect, and the terrible 1989 decision will be overruled. Florida will no longer be an abortion destination.

Arizona: Pro-death groups in Arizona and Florida are attempting to overturn the states’ bans on abortion. Arizona had banned abortion since before the Civil War. Planned Parenthood is fighting to overturn that ban. Liberty Counsel has filed briefs before the Arizona Supreme Court.
Pennsylvania: Afraid of losing the opportunity to abort more children, Planned Parenthood leaned on the City of Harrisburg to ban pro-life literature distribution or speech anywhere near its abortion clinic. As a result of the city’s unlawful speech ban, one may talk about or distribute anything in the “buffer zone,” so long as their speech or literature is not pro-life.

Liberty Counsel has filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court asking the High Court to take up this critical case to strike down the City of Harrisburg’s unlawful revocation of religious speech and viewpoints. We are also asking the Court to overrule its 2000 decision in Hill v. Colorado, which the Supreme Court Justices have also criticized as wrongly decided.

Liberty Counsel has many other cases pending. Some of our cases include the fight to overturn bans on Christian counseling, pushing back Planned Parenthood’s attempt to replace lost abortion income with “gender care” services.

Not content to murder children in the womb, Planned Parenthood’s new services work to fulfill founder Margaret Sanger’s evil eugenics dream — castrating and sterilizing young men and women before they are ever able to procreate.
We keep beating Planned Parenthood in court. So now Planned Parenthood is pushing its abortion and anti-science “gender care” through the U.S. Congress via HR 15, the so-called “Equality Act.”

HR 15 seeks to legalize ALL abortions while also pushing its gender-bending “trans” surgeries and therapies.

We must STOP HR 15. Now 212 Democrats have co-sponsored this bill. They only need six Republicans to join them, and this religious-freedom- ending, baby-killing bill will be the law of the land. Flood Congress NOW with your demand they VOTE NO on HR 15!

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel



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