Our Next US Supreme Court Case

Jan 31, 2024

Liberty Counsel just filed our final brief in our major pro-life case with the U.S. Supreme Court. The question at hand is this: Will Planned Parenthood be allowed to compel cities to extinguish free speech and religious exercise rights outside abortion clinics? As part of our argument, we’re asking the Supreme Court to finally overrule a bad decision in Hill v. Colorado.

We are also filing in multiple states to prevent the abortion mills from enshrining child murder into the state constitutions. On February 7, I will be presenting a critical oral argument at the Florida Supreme Court.

In the last four years, Liberty Counsel has won all seven of the Supreme Court cases we argued or in which we filed amicus briefs. Despite our massive win in helping overturn Roe v. Wade, the lives of the unborn remain at risk. We will not stop fighting until every child is safe from the abortionist’s knife. Read on. — Mat

Colleen Reilly and Becky Biter have dedicated their lives to assisting women who are seeking abortion at their local Harrisburg, PA, abortion clinic. The two women provide quiet one-on-one conversations, peaceful sidewalk counseling, and prayer while distributing life-affirming literature.

Afraid of losing the opportunity to abort more children, Planned Parenthood leaned on the City of Harrisburg to ban pro-life literature distribution, prayer, and speech near its abortion clinic. As a result of the city’s unlawful speech ban, one may talk about or distribute anything in the “buffer zone” as long as the speech or literature is not pro-life.

Liberty Counsel just filed our final brief with the U.S. Supreme Court asking the High Court to take up an important case and strike down the City of Harrisburg’s unlawful revocation of pro-life speech and viewpoints. We are also asking the Court to overrule its 2000 decision in Hill v. Colorado, which many Supreme Court Justices have also criticized as wrongly decided.

I’ll give you just one example of why sidewalk counseling is so important. Pastor Anthony Mathenia of Christ Church in Radford, VA, leads a sidewalk counseling ministry at Virginia abortion centers.

Not long ago, several of the pro-life counselors were ministering on the sidewalk in front of an abortion center when a mother brought her teenage daughter for an abortion. When the teen opened her car door, the counselors tried to speak with her, and she slammed the door twice. The teen’s mother then drove her to the other entrance of the abortion clinic. Here, the teenager got out of the car and closed the door behind her. She listened to the counselors as they offered to help her and pray with her. She then got back into the car, and they drove away.

Thirty minutes later, the teen and her mother returned and drove directly to the counselors. The teenager opened the door and asked where they could get help. The church members gave them resources and directed them to a local crisis pregnancy center. The teenager told them she had received an ultrasound earlier in the week and learned she was pregnant with twins. She had come back that day to the abortion center to abort them. As a result of the sidewalk counselors’ presence and the love they showed, this young mother decided to allow her babies to live.

Those beautiful babies are alive today because Planned Parenthood was unable to prevent sidewalk counseling.

But that’s not all. The fight has spread to the states.

Desperate to recoup the business it lost when Roe v. Wade was overturned, Planned Parenthood is also forming political action groups around the country trying to force a “right” to unfettered, unhindered abortion into every state Constitution.

I will present oral arguments before the Florida Supreme Court next Wednesday, February 7, to keep a Planned Parenthood- and ACLU-backed abortion initiative off the November ballot. This proposed constitutional amendment is highly deceptive. If passed, every abortion regulation (including health laws) will be overturned. The measure would undo every state protection. Abortion will be totally unregulated.

Planned Parenthood is also trying this ruse in several other states, and Liberty Counsel is preparing lawsuits for those state Supreme Courts as well.

Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., Planned Parenthood is trying to circumvent the Supreme Court and pesky state abortion laws by pushing legislation that not only makes abortion a federally protected “right,” but also punishes any hospital, doctor, or medical professional that refuses to participate in the needless slaughter of children. If this bill passes, even religious hospitals will lose their right to religious exemption and be forced to participate in the killing of the unborn.

Already, 220 Democrats have co-sponsored HR 15, the “Equality Act.” They only need six Republicans to join them and this religious-freedom-ending, baby-killing bill will pass.

We must STOP HR 15. Flood Congress NOW with your demand they VOTE NO on HR 15!

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel



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