Shocking Info On What's Behind Fake Meat...

Jan 16, 2024

So-called "plant-based" and lab-grown "meat" pose a serious danger to our health and the environment, according to health researchers. So why does the World Health Organization (WHO) want to replace meat in favor of Silicon Valley's toxic chemical slurry? Perhaps it's because the WHO's biggest funder, Bill Gates, just happens to be the biggest investor of fake meat.

WHO Director-General Tedros has already announced the WHO's intention to replace livestock with fake meat. If Congress allows Joe Biden to sign the upcoming WHO Pandemic Treaty and revised International Health Regulations (IHR), the WHO will be able to dictate our food supply — and replace real meat with fake meat replete with microplastics.

Liberty Counsel is working with legislators to pass HR 79 along with HR 1425 and S 444 to prevent Joe Biden from signing sovereignty over our food, medicine, supply lines, and travel rights over to the globalist United Nations agency known as the WHO. We are making progress, but our window of opportunity is closing fast. Read on. — Mat

Bill Gates thinks he can edit the gene sequences of "food" like his worker bees edit computer code for his virus-vulnerable software programs.

In a recent article, the former program director for University of North Carolina's National Institute of Health program, Sally K. Norton, M.P.H., detailed the shocking manner these "franken-foods" are being developed. This will sicken people and expand the WHO's agenda

“Food companies use truly scary ingredients and techniques to make today’s plant-based meat substitutes,” says Norton, adding, “The manufacturing process is called ‘gene-edited fermentation’ or ‘precision fermentation’ occurring in large bio-hazard lab facilities.”

The process is “creating micro-organisms that have never been seen on Earth before,” Norton says, and it “is a recipe for accidental epidemics of (yet more) untreatable infectious illnesses.”

Alan Lewis, vice president of Natural Grocers, explained the process disturbingly well at the 2022 Environmental Health Symposium.

To create “plant-based meat,” manufacturers edit the gene sequences of bacteria and E.coli, then “ferment” the brew to produce a meat-like product. That’s right, plant-based meats are created using E.coli, the extremely dangerous foodborne bacteria that sends an average of 73,000 Americans to the hospital each year. The “meat” slurry is then treated with massive amounts of anti-biotics to keep it from killing people.

The by-products of this process are so dangerous they can only be “created” in a biohazard facility and must be incinerated after use to prevent environmental contamination.

To create “lab-grown meat,” the companies alter the stem cells of beef, chicken, and pork. “Bioengineers edit the genes of animal cells to enable them to survive in the fermentation tanks and grow exponentially fast to keep costs down,” Lewis explained. “They remove the normal growth-regulating genes to bypass the cells’ normal growth limits (a self-regulation process) and to make them thrive on starch and sugar.”

You know what else thrives on starch and sugar? Cancer.

In fact, Lewis goes on to note that this process “creates unregulated anerobic growth—the definition of tumor cells. Basically, this technique creates cancer tissue to be sold as a human food."

“They [the fake meat producers] state directly that these could cause pathogens and foodborne allergens and other food ingredients that have never been on the earth before,” says Lewis. “This creates a huge liability for the companies who are trying to cover their butts.” These companies simply hide their warnings in Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings in hopes of avoiding lawsuits and liability.

The marketing is deceptive as well. These fake meats “are being marketed as plant-based,” says Lewis, “but in reality, they are gene- edited virulent pathogens or gene-edited tumor cells, essentially.”

Bill Gates wants us to eat cancer-causing foods. How convenient, then, that Gates is also heavily invested in the pharmaceutical industry, which peddles drugs to treat cancer. Since 2002, Gates’ various foundations have spent billions of dollars buying up pharmaceutical stocks and funding pharmaceutical factories and initiatives.

No wonder Gates, in a January 16, 2019, Wall Street Journal op-ed, referred to his pharmaceutical investments as “the best investment he ever made.”

In November 2022 and July 2023, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved two lab-grown meats — Upside Foods and Good Meats — for human consumption. Both companies are funded by Bill Gates.

But perhaps Bill Gates’ best investment has been in the WHO. As I have written many times over the past two years, Bill Gates is the single largest private contributor to the WHO. In fact, in 2021 alone, Gates gave the WHO 1.4 billion dollars — more than any other person or government in the world.

That kind of money buys a lot of influence, apparently enough to convince the WHO to include replacing real meat with fake meat as part of its upcoming Pandemic Treaty and revised International Health Regulations.

Joe Biden plans to sign the WHO Pandemic Treaty and revised IHR in May, just four months from now. If he does, that treaty dictates that American laws will no longer govern our medicine, travel, or even our food. Instead, the WHO will dictate which medicine we are allowed to take, where and if we are allowed to travel (through mandatory digital Vaccine Passports), what our grocery stores will be allowed to sell us, and what we will be allowed to eat.

Our laws will be replaced with international law.

We cannot allow this travesty to happen!

Liberty Counsel is working with a number of legislators to ward off Biden’s plans via HR 79, HR 1425, and S 444. But we need YOUR help to whip the rest of Congress to pass these bills.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action


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