URGENT: The Equality Act Returns

Jul 5, 2023

The misnamed “Equality Act” (HR 15) has been reintroduced in the U.S. House and already has 212 co-sponsors. Every Democrat is on board. If only a few Republicans sign on, this bill can bypass the Speaker and will pass. If it passes in the House, it has a high probability of passing in the U.S. Senate.

LGBTQ proponents are using the Supreme Court’s pro-liberty rulings from last week as a reason to pass HR 15. This bill is now the greatest legislative threat to our freedom and to families and children. And this bill removes the Religious Freedom Restoration Act protections!

If HR 15 passes, parents will not even be able to protest the sick LGBTQ materials that are flooding public schools, and our children’s innocence will be destroyed. Read on, but first fax Congress now! — Mat


The pervasiveness of the LGBTQ agenda is accelerating. Everywhere you turn, it seems, we are bombarded with LGBTQ messages, rainbow flags, and sexual deviancy. But all the bright colors and highjacking of God’s symbol of promise (the rainbow) cannot hide the filth (and pain) at the heart of this perverse movement.

A perfect example of the pervasive sickness of the LGBTQ agenda is the book It’s Perfectly Normal.

First published in 1994, this book offers page after page of full-color, graphically detailed depictions of naked adults and children, as well as sex acts to be performed upon oneself and others, including with the same sex.

These pictures leave nothing to the imagination, showing detailed images of genitalia and recommended sexual intercourse positions.

It’s Perfectly Normal is NOT normal — it is pornography produced by people who are stealing the innocence and decency of our children, and it is being “taught” to elementary school children.

If HR 15, the so-called “Equality Act” passes, there will be no stopping this filth.

The sex-crazed LGBTQ camp wants to get your children and grandchildren sucked into this deviancy. At present, parents can protest filth like this and keep it out of their schools. However, if HR 15 passes, there will be nothing parents can do because deviancy will be codified into federal law.

And because HR 15 purposefully revokes religious freedom protections, even Christian schools will be forced to accept the LGBTQ agenda.

And so will you. If HR 15 passes, the force of law will apply its deviant demands on you. Under HR 15, schools will be forced to teach the LGBTQ agenda. In other words, everything abnormal, harmful, and deviant will be considered by law to be “normal.”

Parents who complain at school board meetings will be labeled “bigots” and will have no recourse in the law. School boards, even with elected members who would otherwise resist, will be forced to comply.

People who post criticism of the LGBTQ agenda in a social media post or on a website and pastors who preach from the pulpit and broadcast their message on the web or post it online will be censored. Churches are not exempt from HR 15’s demands.

Christian colleges and universities will lose accreditation, and professionals could lose their licenses to practice their profession. If aspiring law students graduate from an unaccredited school, they will not be able to take the bar exam and practice law.

Behind the curtain of LGBTQ’s rainbow-colored “pride” exists a nasty, deviant, sick spirit of pain and death.

The LGBTQ lobby has already perverted the meaning of the rainbow, stealing the symbol of God’s hope and promise, and turning it to deviancy. The movement vaunts pride, whereas the Bible says, “Pride goes before destruction.”

We cannot allow the LGBTQ lobby to steal our children and destroy their precious lives.

I cannot stress enough how serious a threat HR 15 is to everyone in the nation. There is enormous pressure on our representatives to pass this bill. So far, 212 members of the U.S. House have co-sponsored HR 15. If only a few Republicans sign on, this terrible bill will pass. We must act now to stop it.

Fax Congress to vote NO on HR 15 and sign the petition.

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel