This Middle East Policy Is Dangerous

Dec 8, 2023

Joe Biden’s foreign policy seems to be designed to placate antisemitic, anti-Israel Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) along with their “pro-Palestine” constituents who block bridges and shut down city centers as they call for the eradication of Jews.

Biden’s call for a “two-state solution” is naïve and dangerous. The Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas are two opposing political groups that would kill each other if they were in the same room. That’s why the head of the PA, Mahmood Abbas (a Holocaust denier), fled Gaza for Ramallah when Hamas won a popular election in 2006. What unites the PA and Hamas is their desire to eliminate ALL Jews and rename Israel as “Palestine.”

Neither Jordan nor Egypt wants the Gazans or “Palestinians” in their country. Biden’s “anything for a vote” policy is not only dangerous to Israel, but also a threat to the entire Middle East.

Biden wants to give the PA 100 million dollars in “humanitarian aid” and 9 BILLION dollars to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), both of which use such funds to indoctrinate children to kill Jews, build underground tunnels in Gaza, and buy weapons from Iran.

Please take a moment right now to fax Congress and tell them to STOP Biden’s plan to fund terrorism! Read on. — Mat

Israeli government officials are warning that Joe Biden won’t let Israel destroy Hamas, the brutal butchers who slaughtered innocent civilians on October 7. Instead, Biden wants to give the butchers of Hamas a minimum of 100 million dollars in “aid.”

The Biden administration is insistent upon letting the Palestinian Authority control Gaza, rather than allowing Israel to administer security in the area as it had prior to when former President Bill Clinton wrangled Israel into signing the Oslo Accords, in which Israel withdrew all forces and all Jews from Gaza.

But, thanks to a 2006 election, HAMAS RUNS GAZA! That’s right, Palestinian voters CHOSE Hamas to be their elected leaders in Gaza, and they have kept members of that bloody regime in power for the last 16 years.

In 2006, Hamas defeated its rival political party, Fatah, and that’s when Mahmood Abbas fled Gaza for Ramallah. Under Abbas, the PA continues to pay monthly pensions to families of terrorists who injure or kill Jews — whether they live in Israel or in Gaza.

The PA has no authority over Hamas, nor does Hamas have authority over the PA. Both want to kill Jews (and “infidels”) and take over Israel. If that happened, the entire Middle East would be threatened.

Now Joe Biden wants to aid and abet the very terrorists who enacted the horrific massacre of innocent civilians, including children, on October 7. 

How on earth ANYONE could side with people who lined up 40 babies and beheaded them is beyond reason, but then again, “reason” doesn’t seem to apply to Joe Biden.

Middle East expert Carolyn Glick notes that the Biden administration has near total control over Israel due to the Jewish state’s dependence on U.S. arms. Biden has used this leverage to undercut Israeli efforts to eradicate the terror regime that continues to slaughter Israelis and hold international citizens, including Americans, hostage.

For example, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) knew where Hamas was holding the hostages, but the Biden administration prevented the IDF from taking decisive action out of concern, the administration claimed, for the Palestinians, Glick says.

Another perfect example is a Hamas violation of the recent “pause” in the war, when Hamas bombs injured Israeli soldiers. Thanks to Biden’s missives, Israel did not strike back. These restrictions are creating the likelihood of a “strategic collapse” of the current Israeli government, Glick says.

That potential “collapse” seems to fit right into Biden’s longtime hostilities toward Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. As you may recall, the Biden administration launched many attempts to interfere with Israeli elections and diminish Netanyahu’s chances at winning the election.

Meanwhile, Democrat officials and members of the Biden administration have vocally opposed Biden’s public words of support for Israel, pushing the administration into taking a more Obama-like approach where the U.S. often openly opposed Israel.

Middle East experts have likened Biden’s Israel policy as a “tight hug,” one that looks to outsiders like support, but is actually a stranglehold that prevents Israel from protecting itself or its people.

And of course, American politics are at play as well. Facing reelection at age 81 and presiding over an economic disaster of his own making, Biden is failing badly in the polls. That includes normally “blue” states like Michigan and Minnesota, which just happen to have the largest Muslim populations in the nation. Those Muslims are threatening to “sit out” the upcoming election unless Biden sides with Israel’s enemies.

Election politics or not, America must not pay for Israel’s destruction. But that is exactly what will happen unless we convince Congress to REJECT Biden’s efforts to deliver 100 million dollars to the butchers of Gaza. And remember, these terrorists also have the United States in their sights.

Please take a moment right now to fax Congress. Tell them NO FUNDING for ISRAEL’s ENEMIES!

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