This Is How A CBDC Will Be Forced On You...

Nov 20, 2023

I just attended a meeting of financial experts. One of the world's leading experts on economic warfare gave a startling presentation. Holding up one worthless currency after another, he explained how what was once valuable is now worthless.

He then said that the current U.S. debt of 33.74 trillion dollars is unsustainable. Annual interest alone on this debt is about 1.5 trillion dollars. This rapidly increasing debt will be used as an excuse to create programmable currency, the consequences of which will be catastrophic.

We're not the only ones sounding the alarm about the dangers of Central Bank Digital Currencies. As globalist central bankers continue to circle their forces around forcing digital, programmable funny money on everyone, members of foreign governments are speaking out.

Read on to learn why leaders of western nations around the world are resisting CBDCs, and what YOU can do to stop them here. — Mat

Joe Biden isn't the only world leader pushing a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), nor is the Federal Reserve the only Central Bank conniving to replace cold hard cash with programmable digital dollars designed to track, trace, and control citizen finances.

On October 18, the European Central Bank announced it was in the "preparation phase" for implementing a CBDC on European citizens.

In June, Slovenia amended its constitution to guarantee citizen rights to pay for goods and services with cash. Milos Svrcek, a member of the Slovenian Parliament, co-authored the legislation noting that the constitutional amendment was necessary to protect the small country's financial sovereignty, as well as citizens' personal privacy.

Following Joe Biden's issued Executive Order 14067 on March 9, 2022, which includes loaded words like "climate change" and equity," some federal agencies have already hired staff to push forward with a CBDC.

"It is very important that there is a provision in the Constitution based on which we can defend ourselves in the future against any orders from the outside saying there can only be digital euro and no other payment options," Svrcek told reporters in June.

Slovenia has experience with "outsiders" pushing the tiny south central European country around. Over the years, its land has been invaded and occupied by the Byzantines, the Romans, Hungary, Venice, Austria, and Nazi, Germany, before being lumped into Yugoslavia. Slovenia declared independence in 1991 and has no intention of allowing other governments to control their people ever again.

Meanwhile, German Parliament member Joana Cotar is leading a protest in the Bundestag (the German legislature) against a European CBDC.

A CBDC Euro would allow central bankers to control personal and professional finances by setting an "upper limit" for payments and even ownership, putting German citizens "helplessly at [central bankers'] mercy."

"The digital euro would also mean that each and every one of us could be totally monitored," Cotar said in a statement to the press last week. "As a convinced libertarian, I emphatically reject this. Anyone who is against surveillance and for freedom does not need a digital euro!"

Like many cryptocurrency professionals here in the U.S., Cotar noted that Bitcoin already solves the problems the central bankers claim to be creating CBDCs to address, namely instant payments and financial access for "unbanked" individuals. However, Bitcoin is "decentralized," meaning that no government or entity can spy on or control the end users’ ability to earn, store, or spend that currency.

In contrast, a CBDC allows global central banks and governments to manipulate monetary supply to their whim, while monitoring and controlling every cent a citizen earns, stores, or spends.

The Communist Party of China (CCP) has already proven CBDC opponents' fears to be justified. In China, if the government feels one has spent too much money on gasoline, for example, the government simply prevents the user from paying for more gas regardless of the user’s bank balance.

It doesn't take much to imagine how Joe Biden and his climate alarmist pals like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would use such power. Once their CBDC eliminates cash, they could prevent you from purchasing a gas stove, a gas car, or even grass-fed beef — instead only allowing you to use your hard-earned money on the products THEY approve — like earth-polluting electric cars and cricket meal protein.

Three bills in the U.S. legislature could stop Biden’s globalist CBDC plans. Please take a moment right now and FAX CONGRESS to demand they VOTE YES on HR 1122, HR 3712, and S 887.

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel



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