Biden To Pay Hamas Pensions . . .

Nov 21, 2023

The Palestinian Authority (PA) uses "humanitarian aid" to give lifetime pensions to the families of terrorists who successfully kill Israeli Jews.

In September 2023 alone, the PA paid out 25 million dollars in "Pay to Slay" terror pensions — lifetime monthly payments to Palestinians or their families who have successfully killed Jews. As of the end of October, those monthly payments have risen to 27 million, thanks to the rash of terrorists who managed to kill 1,400 Jews on October 7. That number will grow.

Now Joe Biden wants to give the PA 100 million dollars MORE, effectively funding "pay to slay" pensions for each of the October 7 terrorists who succeeded in killing more Jews in a single day than any other since the Holocaust. — Mat

As a 23-year-old German Israeli, Shani Louk went to a music festival to celebrate and promote peace. The last anyone saw the young woman was October 7, when Hamas released a video of Shani's naked body lying face down in a pickup truck. Shani was raped and beaten to death, with her badly broken leg dislocated at the hip and hanging off the truck’s tailgate.

Gazans proudly paraded her bloodied and broken body to cheering crowds who spat upon her lifeless body, poking it with sticks, celebrating the death of another Jew.

The IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) found part of Shani's skull. The Gazans had partially decapitated Shani, taking her body (presumably for more desecration), while leaving part of her decapitated head behind. DNA tests confirmed her identity — and her parents' worst fears.

The Palestinian Authority's version of "humanitarian aid."

If that weren't sick enough, the Palestinian Authority will now provide a lifetime of monthly reward payments to Shani's attackers and their family members as part of its longstanding policy of making "humanitarian aid" payments to the families of terrorists who kill Jews.

In what many call the "Pay to Slay" program, the "Palestinian Authority Martyrs Fund" pays an average of 350 million dollars per year in lifelong monthly cash stipends to the families of terrorists who kill Jews.

Biden is poised to give that same Palestinian Authority 100 million dollars MORE for so-called "humanitarian aid."

What Hamas did on October 7, slaughtering 1,400 people, beheading babies, raping to death their mothers, and burning entire families alive was nothing less than a crime against humanity.

The terrorists should not be rewarded with U.S. taxpayer dollars.

Congress will vote THIS WEEK on whether to approve Joe Biden's plan to refill the PA's coffers. If approved, those payments will go straight to the terrorists who perpetrated these horrific crimes.

We cannot allow one single cent of American tax dollars to continue funding the ongoing campaign to eradicate every single Jew "from the river to the sea." Fax Congress NOW and demand they REFUSE TO FUND THE 2nd HOLOCAUST!

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